There are a huge amount of people that are living in the Stone Age where they still prefer to roll weed into spliffs. However, the new technologies have recently boomed and today you may now enjoy vaping conveniently.

Here comes the vaporizers and vaping!  What’s the difference?

The vaporizer is healthier compared to smoking. Today, the market for such thing is very competitive and there are lots of options instead of sticking to just one which will suit your taste.  An item such both the G Slim vaporizer and the Cannastick are good options for you to try.

In this article, you will able to determine what best vaporizer is suitable for you.

#1: The Hydrology9 Vaporizer

This little gadget is the first dry herb vaporizer you can be found today. It is equipped with a water filtration system which is the main part of its structure. It is made of stainless steel, the tank made of Borosilicate glass. But the first thing you will ever notice is it is very bulky and large. Apparently, it remains fully functional without feeling troublesome.

#2: G Slim Vaporizers with Quartz

This is the slimmer type of vapers that is available in the marketplace and an affordable one. It is suitable for that smoker that prefers was as their vaping material. But it is not good to be used with dried herbs in it.

For those that are new to the environment of wax vapers, this probably the suitable vaporizer for you. Aside from its sleek design that fits any pockets, this also takes five seconds only before readying to action.

#3: The CBD Vape Kit

If you are looking for a vape that can handle dry herb materials – this is not the right for you! The CBD is notoriously known for producing oils and it is designed only for such thing.  This vaper is designed for only the purpose of CBD oils. The temperature setting is optimized to use oils and it is combined with a cartridge made of ceramic glass and steel. Its heating system is optimized in order to not burn the oil so you can enjoy the vaping experience.

#4: Cannastick Compass Digital Vaporizer – with OLED screen

This is one of the best choices for smokers that indulge themselves in recreational marijuana used. This designed with only for that!  The smallest digital vaporizers are for use of dry herb materials and take note it comes equipped with the digital OLED screen in order for you to control its performance and the temperature.

When it comes to physical appearance it is extremely portable and slim. You can adjust the temperature when you bake between 350 degrees and 430 degrees Fahrenheit. These degrees are appropriate for marijuana vaping.

#5: Vapor Zeus Dual Mode Kit

This item is another strong contender especially that it features the dual mode for vaping. This only means you can use either manual or automatic vaping mode. It has a sleek design and very convenient as it is easy to be carried anywhere. This is designed for people that want to quit cigarette smoking.

This vaping device is not meant for dry herb vaping, so don’t expect you may use it as an alternative.

So, you already have our list! Select appropriately on your particular use and enjoy vaping.


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