Outdoor wooden furniture is prone to damages due to exposure to extreme weather. However, you can extend its life through proper care and maintenance. Check the post to get some ideas on how to.


Outdoor tables and chairs, no matter how expensive they are, cannot escape from warping, cracking, and rotting. The reason behind this is because of the changing climate, especially when frequently exposed to rain.

Fortunately, there are ways on how to extend the life of wooden outdoor furniture through the following simple tips on how to protect your outdoor wooden furniture from water damages:

#1: Use natural wood polish and sealants

Although potent polish and sealants are very effective when it comes to extending the life of the wood, most of the wooden preservatives indeed have a distinct smell that can be harmful to the human body. Fortunately, there are ways you can maintain the appearance of your outdoor wooden furniture in natural ways; these include:

  • Coconut oil – The oil helps moisturize and revitalize the wood while it protects from rotting, warping, and cracking.
  • Oil and vinegar – The solution helps protect the wood from insect damage, water, and wearing out.
  • Linseed oil – The ingredient is an effective natural sealant for woods.

Applying natural wood polish and sealants now and then maybe a tedious work for some, but it is worth it.

#2: Use paint

Coating the outdoor wooden furniture with paint is one of the effective ways to protect the wood. Although paint can indeed lose the natural look of the furniture, it is worth considering. Plus, paint has waterproofing properties; thus, coating your wood with paint can expand the wood’s lifespan. However, when choosing paint for your wood, you should choose latex over oil-based paint because the former lasts longer than the latter.

#3: Use varnish

If you are not a big fan of sealants and paints when it comes to waterproofing wooden furniture, you may use varnish; while it protects the wood from rot, warping, and cracking due to water exposure and even heat from the sun, it keeps the natural look of the wood. However, the efficiency of the varnish is not as good as sealants and paints.


For effective waterproofing using polish, sealants, paints, or varnish, you should read these useful tips for waterproofing outdoor furniture. The procedure will effectively protect the wooden furniture from exposure to rain, humidity, frost, insect damage, and heat from the sun.

#4: Use outdoor furniture covers

If you think it is too tiresome to store your outdoor furniture back in the garage or storage area every time it rains, using outdoor furniture covers are one of the best options there is. Although paint, sealants, or varnish can protect your wooden furniture from water damage, there is no harm in adding another protection to lengthen your furniture’s lifespan.

#5: Clean off the early signs of damage

Frequent exposure to rain, heat from the sun, humidity, frost, and insect damage can shorten the life of outdoor wooden furniture, especially when it is not properly maintained. If you happen to see any early signs of damage, make sure to clean it or treat it before the damage worsens.


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