Replacing a halogen HID and LED headlight bulb is easy. Know how the step-by-step process right here.

Most of today’s car uses halogen high intensity-discharge (HID) and light-emitting-diode (LED) headlights. These types of headlight bulbs are easy and simple to replace. You can do it by yourself and save more money.

Headlight Bulb

Be warned that DIY headlight bulb replacement is applicable only for halogen HID and LED lights. If your car uses a xenon or xenon HID, make sure to consult an electrician. This type of vehicle lighting involves electricity. Thus, it is safer to ask for a professional’s help, especially if you don’t have the knowledge and skill on xenon HID bulb replacement.

To get started below is a guide on how to replace halogen and LED headlights.

#1 Buy the Correct Bulb

Buy a replacement before removing the broken bulb.  If you are not familiar with the type of bulb you are using, consult the counter person at the auto-parts store. Tell them your car’s model, make, and year. They will immediately know the right bulb your car needs.  Also, you can check examples here at I Need Bright Lights for reference.

#2 Locate the Lamp Connections

Open your car’s hood and carefully remove the lamp connections located at the back of the headlight housing. In some models, you will immediately locate the lamp connections. Meanwhile, other car models require the removal of some parts, such as air-cleaner housing and splash shields. Thus, make sure to wear latex gloves and use a flashlight to avoid damaging other pieces. Also, you might need a flat-bladed screwdriver and needle-nose pliers for this task.

#3 Remove Wiring Harness

When removing the wiring harness, take note that there are three wires attached to a plug at the base of the headlight. It is held either by a plastic catch, metal clip, or a screw cap.

The plastic catch slides-off when pressed down with your thumb and pulled firmly. For a metal clip, all you have to do is pull the plug to remove the harness. On the other hand, screw caps require the use of a screwdriver to unplug.

#4 Extract the Broken Bulb

After removing the wire harnesses, you can pop out the broken bulb by unplugging it from the wiring. It is quick to loosen and extract a headlight bulb since it is only held in place by a thin wire clip.  You can release the bulb by wiggling it gently.

#5 Place the New Bulb

Grab a clean rag or tissue to hold the new bulb. Don’t touch the glass of the bulb with your bare hands. The oil on your skin will transfer to the bulb and causes it to burn out when you turn on the headlight.

Hold the bulb’s plug end and place it on the back of the headlight. Make sure it is evenly lined up and check if the rubber gasket is showing.  Once the bulb is in place, plug the wiring back and secure the headlight. Do a test, if the bulb doesn’t turn on, check the wirings again.

Take note that this procedure is only for replacing broken bulbs. If your headlight housing is damaged, you’ll need assistance from a professional to fix it.


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