Every person has a unique form of escapism. Some indulge themselves in watching movies, listening to music, reading, or doing outdoor activities like hiking. Meanwhile, some individuals prefer to use psychedelics to stop stress, anxiety, and depression to prevent succumbing to these conditions. And one of the most popular psychedelic today is the magic mushroom.

Learning More about Magic Mushroom

Magic mushroom, commonly known as shroom is an edible fungus available in many parts of the United States. This fungus contains high levels of psilocybin, a psychedelic substance. Therefore, the magic mushroom is a hallucinogenic fungus that has potent psychoactive effects on a person when consumed.

Shroom is not a new thing. History says that it is alternative medicine used to treat depression. Moreover, the mushroom is a natural energy booster, supports a positive mood, and stimulates euphoria. However, the fungus became a Schedule I because of the potential risk of abuse.

All substances categorized as a Schedule I drug under federal law is illegal. Hence, any form of production, distribution, use, and marketing of the substance is prohibited. Anyone caught doing such illegal actions will face legal disputes.

Recently, there has been a development in the market and use of shrooms in the U.S. Although it remains a Schedule I drug, many states in America decriminalized the fungus. It entails that the use of shrooms on a state level is no longer illegal for medicinal purposes. Unfortunately, a person can only use shroom on the states that decriminalized it. The cities wherein you can buy and use shrooms are Oakland, Denver, and California.

How to Use Magic Mushroom?

Albeit magic mushrooms have no detrimental effect on human health, however wrongful use of the fungus can lead to a ‘bad trip.’ It is a condition wherein a person who takes shroom experiences extreme nausea and horrible hallucinations that could turn into nightmares. It is why experts recommend beginners to educate themselves about the mushroom and ask a professional for assistance.

Beginners in using shrooms are advised to apply micro-dosing. It is a technique in consuming shroom to avoid abusing the drug and experiencing bad trips.

In micro-dosing, newbies are allowed to take minimal grams of shrooms to achieve the desired effect. For example, very low dosages of shroom (0.2-0.5 grams) have no hallucinogenic effects on a person, but it can boost energy and pleasant mood. Meanwhile, 1 gram of shroom has psychoactive effects but not strong enough to muddle brain and physical functions.

In a nutshell, rookies must learn shroom micro-dosing to obtain the best effects of the substance. To find out more about micro-dosing, check out The Fun Guys. This website will teach you the correct way on how to take shroom, including micro-dosages. Also, this source provides guidelines on the different ways to consume shrooms.


Magic mushroom is healthy but dangerous when abused. Thus, beginners must be careful when taking the substance. Additionally, do not skip reading guidelines about the mushroom from reliable sources. As much as possible, ask questions and assistance from experts.


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