Using the right hiking backpack is critical for most hikers.

A hiking backpack with 40 to 50 liters capacity is too big for half-a-day or one-day hiking trip; while backpacks with 20 to 35 liters capacity are too small for weekend backpacking (1-3 nights) or multi-day backpacking (3-5 nights).

If you are new to hiking and you need to purchase your first hiking backpack, here are some useful tips on how to find the perfect hiking backpack for you.

Tip #1: Determine how long you will be hiking

Choosing the right hiking backpack will also depend on the length of your hiking trip; for instance:

  • Daypacks (half-day to one-day use) – 20 to 30 liters capacity; this is also a perfect backpack for almost any day activity.
  • Weekend hiking (1 to 3 nights) – 40 to 50 liters of backpack volume.
  • Multi-day hiking (3-5 nights) – 50 to 70 liters backpack capacity.
  • Expedition hiking (5+ nights) – 80 to 110 liters and more volume for backpack capacity.

If you’ll be hiking half a day or one day, you do not need to carry a big backpack since you’ll only need to bring fewer hiking essentials.

Tip #2: Choose the right size of the backpack

The size of the backpack also matters when choosing a hiking backpack; this is not only for aesthetics but also for overall fit. For instance, if you have smaller built, you can’t choose an absurdly huge backpack because it will only add too much pressure on you. Instead, choose a better-sized hiking backpack that you are built to support.

You are probably worried about not fitting in all your hiking essentials inside the backpack if you chose a mediate sized one; while this is true, there are ways to pack your hiking essentials even without choosing a bigger sized backpack that is bigger than you.

Additionally, make sure to pick a lightweight hiking backpack.

Tip #3: Choose a hiking backpack with better padding

Padding on a hiking backpack plays a huge role when it comes to comfortable hiking. The padding helps reduce the stress or pressure placed on the shoulders, waist, and back, especially when you are hiking for more than two days.

So, choose a well-padded hiking backpack.

Tip #4: Pick a well-ventilated back panel

This is an additional feature that you need to consider – a well-ventilated back panel. This feature will keep your back from sweating too much, especially when hiking during summer.

Tip #5: Read reliable product reviews

Another best way that will help you pick the right hiking backpack for you is through reading product reviews. However, you need to read only those from a reliable source that provides unbiased review – one, for instance, is from Trip to the Wild’s website, where a Deuter Speed Lite 20 hiking backpack is equally reviewed with other hiking backpacks.

Wrap Up

Several types of hiking backpacks are available today; however, you can’t just pick any brand. Your backpack should be with the right capacity, at the right size, well-padded, and has a ventilation system at its back panel.

Read reliable reviews and posts like this when choosing the perfect hiking backpack for you.


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