Installing a new toilet seat is a DIY project.  Whether you are replacing an old seat or you want a new style, you need some tools and some minutes of your time. We have broken the procedure into simple steps.

Tools needed for measurement.

Since you need the correct measurement to avoid going back to the hardware store because it doesn’t fit, there are some tools you will need. These tools are easy to handle and are easily found around your house. Get a school ruler and a tape measure, and you are good to go.

Next, get a pen and paper. This is where you will be filling some point such as:

  • Bolt width
  • The width of the toilet bolt
  • Length of the toilet bowl

We need to go to the next the next step before someone needs to use the toilet.

How to Measure Toilet Seat Bolt width

A seat bolt is a position that holds the toilet seat to bowl into a firm position whenever it’s lifted up and down. The two bolts holding the toilet seat are the measurement we need get. To get the correct measurement, we are supposed to measure the distance between the centers of the two bolts. Measure from the center of the right bolt to the center of the left bolt. Sure, you have recorded that to our piece of paper now let’s jump to the next step.

How to Measure Toilet Seat Width

Since you are holding the measuring tape pretty well, we are going to measure the width of the seat. These are the distance from the left to the right when you are seated on the toilet. Am sure you understand the distance you are needed to measure since this is the actual width of the toilet.

How to Measure Seat Length

This distance runs from the front of your seat to the back. You may wonder where at the back, the back is that point that cuts vertically through the center of the two bolts at the back. There you got it, right? Take the longest measurement that could be used to shop at the store or online.

Measurement Unit to use

We cannot recommend the unit to use. We advise you to use the measurement unit allowed in your country because measurements vary from country.

What is the importance of getting the Right Measurements?

Who would want to get stuck with a toilet seat that doesn’t work? With the right measurements, you will be able to get the right size of your toilet seat. Right measurements make the work more comfortable for you when purchasing from the hardware or online.


Toilets seat should be handled with care, since they are made from porcelain, which is fragile, and they can crack from tightening the toilet seat bolt. Take the correct measurement following the procedure we have highlighted for you, then after making the decision, get the best toilet seat from hardware or shop from online stores. Want more guides? You can visit our site for more information on how to measure toilet seat and get it right before your first step. Let’s hear from you.


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