If there is anything a hiker or an outdoor adventurer must have with him all the time, it is a trusty knife. It is the single most important thing a person can have in the wild that can dramatically increase one’s chance of surviving. It can be used for crafting other tools from wood, hunting animals, preparing food, digging, and as self-defense for life-threatening situations. When it comes to survival or outdoor use, it is not advisable to just use any type of knife. It is important to have a knife that is built for rougher use.


Size and Length

When looking for a knife for outdoor use, consider the knife size and length. Bigger and longer does not always mean better; having a knife that is too long or too big than it needs to be sacrifices ability to carry it around easily, or being able to cut fine details on woodcraft. On the other hand, it is also not a good thing to choose a knife that is too small to carry out rough tasks such as chopping or batoning. Look for a knife with just the right size.

Fixed Blade

Folding knives and other types of knives that allow folding or retracting may be good for other occasions, but when it comes to outdoor use and survival situation, these types of knives may not be suitable.  The folding or retracting point of these knives is a weak spot and is likely where the break may happen when used in rough situations. A fixed blade is much more durable and can withstand tremendous beating.

The Tang

When it comes to outdoor use, it is always the best choice to get a knife that is full tang. This simply means that the blade and the handle are made from continuous metal. Other types of tangs like push tang or rat tail tang will not survive harsh usage over time. Full tang knives are extremely durable.

The Blade

A double-edged knife is not suitable for outdoor survival use. It is advisable to go for a single-edged blade with a flat spine. When crafting things, the spine can be used as leverage or thumb rest to add control of the movement, which is something a double-edged blade cannot do.

These are just some of the things to look for a good blade for the outdoor and survival use. For those who are looking for a knife that fits the criteria above is the concern, consider taking a look at Schrade’s SCHF36.

The Schrade SCHF36 Frontier is a fixed blade knife, which has a blade length of 5.05 inches and a handle length of 5.36 inches, having an overall length of 10.50 inches, which a lot people consider as the right size for a bush craft. It has a full tang, which means that Schrade SCHF36 is very durable and can take on harsh activities. Its blade is sharp, and comes with a sharpening stone to keep it in top performance. It has a nice grip and balance to it, making it a great knife for different uses.


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