A Quick Exfoliation Guide

If you have recently discovered the benefits of exfoliation and still feel like a beginner in the field, we are glad to help you enjoy an easy, efficient exfoliating process. This step is important in every skincare routine. If you want your skin to look luminous and healthy, then you have to exfoliate. However, over-exfoliation can do more harm than good, so it is wise to read on the topic and make sure that you understand the process. The role of this article is to bring some light into which are the steps that you should follow for a correct exfoliation, so check it out.

  1. Choose the right ingredients. If you don’t use an exfoliation product available in stores and prefer to use natural ingredients, then you should opt for oatmeal, coconut pulp, fennel, or baking soda. Coffee is also a good choice but grinds up the beans until they become fine. Sea salt and sugar are a good choice but for the body, not for the face.
  2. Choose the right time of the day. Most people choose to exfoliate in the evening because they consider that this an efficient way to also get rid of makeup and grossness. However, specialists recommend exfoliating in the morning because the skin repairs itself overnight. In this way, exfoliating in the morning makes room for new skin cells to appear overnight.
  3. How much is too much? Well, you shouldn’t exfoliate more often than twice a week. Do so only if you have specific recommendations from a dermatologist.
  4. Get moist first. You should first use some warm water to moist the skin and only then exfoliate. You know how unpleasant it is to shave on dry skin. The same thing happens when you exfoliate. It will feel unpleasant and it will dry out the skin even more than it already is. In addition to this, another benefit of getting the skin moist before exfoliation is that it slightly opens up the pores. In this way, the exfoliating products that you use will get deeper into the pores and you will obtain much better results.
  5. Tone and moisturize. Always use a moisturizer after exfoliation. Exfoliation is indeed good to remove dead skin cells from the outer skin layers but it is also true that it dries up the skin a little bit.

We know that it can be difficult for a beginner to make the right choices regarding exfoliating. Most beginners end up either over-exfoliating or under-exfoliating. If you are afraid that you are going to do more harm to your skin although you have checked out the tips and tricks mentioned above, then the best thing that you can do is to schedule a visit with a dermatologist. The dermatologist will check up on the present state of your skin and help you make the choices that best suit you. You will receive guidance for selecting the right products as well, so a trip to the doctor is the best thing for you.


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