A Skin Story

The story of make-up is a colourful one but not always a skin friendly one. If you have watched any of the movie adaptations of Queen Elizabeth the First’s life you have a pretty good idea of what this idea is referring to.

During bygone eras, one of the hallmarks of a great and accomplished beauty was the maintenance of alabaster white skin. Pale, white skin was a status symbol that proclaimed to everyone without ever needing a single word to be said that you did not have to expose your oh so lady like skin to the elements like a common peasant. This was the privilege of the nobility and the wealthy merchant classes.

Unfortunately, in Elizabethan times this façade of pale white perfection came with a deadly price.  It is now known that one of the main ingredients included in the formula for fair skin is fatal white lead. It is said that Queen Elizabeth was so enamoured with this foul concoction that she would not remove it even whilst she slept. Some would even go so far as to say that at the time of her death the Queen’s face had a layer of make up at least an inch thick. Sadly enough, it was not only the Queen who fell victim to this lethal mixture. Remember that this was a time when the Court followed whatever the Queen did. Queen Elizabeth and her Court unknowingly fell victim to their own beauty standards.

Now this all sounds unthinkable to the modern make up lover. Thankfully, the world has come a very long way from slapping on layer upon layer of white lead laced concoctions on one’s face in the name of beauty. Women today are barraged with skin foundation options that are targeted for their specific skin types.

Do you have oily skin or combination skin? Would you prefer a full coverage foundation or one that gives a sheer finish? Do you prefer matter, semi matte or a fresh dewy glow? All you have to do is boot up your mobile phone, laptop, desktop and you have access to a world of information. All it takes is one click and half a dozen ads for any and all types of cosmetics are liable to pop up.  And it is not just the ads, chances are that you tuber or Instagram celebrity you follow has product placements, collaborations or outright endorsements with one beauty brand or the other. In such a crowded place how do we effectively search for the top foundation makeup for mature skin?

Keep in mind that not all information is good information. Sometimes it takes more than a dollop of effort and a little bit of searching to find that genuine treasure trove of information that you need. Thankfully we still have reliable websites such as https://www.ellisjamesdesigns.com/best-foundation-for-mature-skin-over-40/. This site is on top of my list when looking for top foundation makeup for mature skin.  Their product reviews are notoriously specific and detailed when providing facts so go ahead and check it out for yourself.


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