All That it Takes to be an Accountant

Taking a degree in accounting can offer plenty of opportunities to new graduates, and this is a good time to get into accountancy as the Bureau of Labour Statistics forecasts that this is one of the growth sectors with a projected rise of 22% in new jobs.

Once you have obtained your degree there is plenty of scope to specialize which can raise your earning potential even more, and as your experience grows you could find yourself in the top 10% of high earners.

Accountancy can offer a good solid career. The need for accountants is rising, with many organizations both in the public and private sectors realizing an accountant is vital to the smooth running of a business due to their extensive knowledge of how market forces work.

Accountants are up to date with new regulations and the legal implications of taxes, stocks and shares. Accountants, and CPA’s, can make complex financial transactions transparent, so that organizations can see and understand areas of growth and deficit which ultimately relates to the success or otherwise of an organization. Accountants are able to translate complex financial information to others, offering analysis and future forecasts.

Due to the pivotal role that accountants play, it is easy to see why their salaries are so high. CPA’s, a subset of accounting, actually make a little bit more.

A successful accountant will display traits such as attention to detail, keeping to deadlines, communicating complex material in an easy to understand format, IT skills, patience, being focused, understanding confidentiality and most importantly numeracy and reporting skills.

All of these skills will be gained whilst undertaking a bachelors degree in accountancy, and these skills will be honed by further experience once working.

Some of the duties an accountant may need to undertake include analyzing data, data entry, collecting information, research, auditing, summarizing information, reporting information to others and making recommendations to others. Good communication skills are vital, both in written reports and presenting information to other members of the organization.

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