Amazing Uses of a Leaf Blower



Many think that leaf blowers are just used for leaves and that’s why they don’t usually invest in them. Leaf blowers are for leaves. That’s actually what they are made for. But, do you know that you could use them in other chores in your house that does not include leaves? Newer handheld models like the Echo PB-250LN can do much more than clear your yard and flower beds. Here are other amazing uses of a leaf blower.

  1. As a Car Dryer

Wiping down your car after washing it could take a while and much effort. If you leave it out under the sun to dry, water spots could be formed once the water evaporates. A great way to actually dry your car faster is by using a leaf blower. Just like the huge blowers you usually see in a car wash, a leaf blower could dry your car just as effectively. Just make sure to choose the right setting as not to damage some sensitive parts of the car, especially if you decide to dry your wet car seats, as well. Some people also use their blowers to clean their engines and rid them of dust particles.

  1. As a Dryer Vent Cleaner

Lint, dirt and other particles could accumulate at the dryer vent over time. Most of the time, unclogging it is burdensome as there are lots of hard to reach places. But, leaving the dirt build up would pose a lot of danger hazards like fire and emission of harmful gases. Those unseen accumulated lint could also be nesting grounds for pests. You could immediately get rid of those unwanted build-ups in your dryer vent using a leaf blower. It could blow out the trap efficiently and make your dryer work even better.

  1. As a Gutter Cleaner

It is often dangerous and tiresome to get up the roof just to remove the wet leaves or twigs that have clogged your gutter. Sometimes, even during the dry season when water does not run on the gutters, other debris carried by air and pests could clog the gutter, too. To easily remove the clogging, use your blower to blast away the debris.

  1. As a Lawn Mower Cleaner


Lawn mowers can easily get clogged with plant or grass clippings and dirt. Most people would risk reaching inside the mower just to remove them. But, geniuses would use their blower to do the job for them, saving time and being safe.

  1. As a Snow Blower

This is quite a common alternative use of the leaf blower. The light snow that covers pathways and driveways can be easily moved aside using a leaf blower. It actually works better and faster than shoveling.

  1. As a Window Screen Cleaner

It’s not easy to clean a window screen because of the many tiny holes where dust could easily accumulate. Using a brush would take up time and effort. By using a blower to blast the dust off it is a faster and more efficient way to do it.


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