When it comes to a woman’s makeup routine, one of the most important part they must never skip is their eyebrows and their lips. There are women who were born with natural full, pink and kissable lips. Unfortunately for those people who were not blessed with the kind of gene, lipsticks were invented to the rescue.


There a lot of lipstick brands and color shade people can choose from online or the nearest cosmetic store. However, regardless of the brand and the price, these lipsticks don’t guarantee to stay long on their lips the entire day.

One of the factor people consider when it comes to buying a lipstick is not only its shade where people need to make sure that it fits their skin tone, they also need to remember to invest in one that will not only last for a long period of time, but a lipstick that is smudge proof, kiss proof, and waterproof.

In this article, a lipstick brand will be introduced. These honest reviews will convince people why they need to abandon their current lipstick brand and invest in a new one.

LipSense Lipstick

Introducing LipSense; it is a lipstick brand that is free from any preservative which one’s lips may react to such as lead, gluten, and wheat, which are known to have a harmful effect on the body after a long period of exposure to the mentioned preservatives.

For those users who are looking for a lipstick brand that was not tested on animals, this is the lipstick brand they are looking for. Also, some user’s experience in some lipstick is that it is drying on the lips. The good thing about LipSense is it is moisturizing, making sure that the cracks on the lips will not be visible because of the dryness.

Color Shade to Choose from

One thing users consider when it comes to subscribing to a specific lipstick brand is whether it offers different color shade women can choose from. At LipSense, there are 36 colors to choose from. In their websites or pictures how the colors look like when the lipstick is used, not by the models or professionals, but by those people who were highly satisfied with the product.

How much is the lipstick?

Considering what the lipstick offers, it is moisturizing, it doesn’t leave any stain while drinking a cup of coffee or tea, it won’t leave a kiss mark on their boyfriend’s face, and all the color shade it can offer, it is amazing that this product can be bought for 25$ only! A .25 fl oz. lipstick will last for about 4-6 months when used every day.

Also, who doesn’t like discounts on makeup? They also give about 20-50% discount to those people who would like to become an official distributor of the product!

Where to get the lipstick?

People will not find this lipstick brand in the nearest cosmetic store. Instead, there are those who personally use the lipstick and sell it because they highly recommend the product to other women out there. For those people who are interested, they may proceed with their first LipSense lipstick purchase at lipcolorful.com.


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