While it is unhealthy to become overweight, it is also unhealthy to lose weight rapidly. If you are thriving to lose weight fast within a month, you should ditch that thought because according to the experts, when you push yourself to lose weight hastily, you’ll lose almost everything instead of fats.

There are true claims about fast and easy weight loss program that you can read and watch online; however, not all of them can be honest about what to expect if you lose weight rapidly. To convince you to lose weight the right way, here are the top things to anticipate on what you’d look like if you lost weight quickly:

  1.    You will begin to overeat

Leptin and ghrelin are two essential hunger hormones; while the leptin decreases your appetite, the ghrelin, on the other hand, increases your appetite. According to the experts, suppose you lose weight rapidly, the normal process of suppressing and increasing appetite is disturbed, which result in fewer productions of leptin and prompting an increase of ghrelin. Thus, instead of losing weight healthily, you will start to gain fats.

  1.    You will lose muscles instead of fats

During rapid loss of weight, your body is desperate to refuel itself; since the body can no longer burn enough calories, it will use the energy from your muscles, causing you to lose muscle mass instead of the fats. In a serious condition, losing muscle mass can also affect your heart.

  1.    You’ll slow down your metabolism

Several studies have shown that losing weight too fast can drop your metabolism. It is proven that by consuming fewer calories, the body is driven to burn 23 percent or fewer calories per day. Since the metabolic rate is low, it can affect you holistically, including productivity from your daily activities.

  1.    Can lead to nutritional deficiencies

A crash diet is bad.

Since you are not eating enough calories often, you are at risk of having a nutritional deficiency, especially iron, vitamin B12, folate, vitamin E, Zinc and more; with fewer essential nutrients in the body, the affected person may suffer from:

  •    Extreme fatigue
    •    Hair loss
    •    Nails and bone become brittle
    •    Poor immune system
  1.    It can affect you mentally

While it is depressing to gain several flabs or loose skin, experts pointed out that people who are thinking of rapid weight loss are at risk of emotional and mental distress due to drop of sugar levels. According to the experts, the brain uses sugar as a source of its energy; if there is a low source of sugar in the body, the brain starts to “fog” where it becomes hard to concentrate and retrieve information. Also, it can make you feel irritable, confused, and listless.

  1.    Imbalanced electrolytes

One of the scariest effects of losing weight rapidly is experiencing electrolyte imbalance.  According to the experts, the imbalanced electrolytes can kill you; it can cause a seizure, muscle weakness, and worst, having an irregular heartbeat.

Final Thoughts

Crash dieting is bad; if you want to gain a fit and healthy body, you have to do it right.


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