Being Cat Smart!

2013-05-cute-cat-HD-wallpaperCats are known to be some of the most lovable and cutest animals on this planet, but at the same time they’re also very peculiar because of their unique traits. Cats are very instinctual, which means their behavior can be strange at times, but this is why we love our cats. Cats are very intelligent creatures and I like to believe that their instinctual behavior further amplifies this. Cats are able to use their teeth and claws in unique ways to do things that might surprise you!

Kneading is a perfect example of this. If you have ever seen a cat dig its claws into a surface and then retract them back and forth alternating between paws, you have just witnessed a cat knead. Kneading for the part has been a big question mark because nobody really knows why cats knead for sure. One interesting fact is that kneading is an instinctual trait that cats used when they needed milk. Kittens knead as a form of communication to tell their mother they’re hungry, but what’s weird is that cats continue to knead even when separated from their mother.

There are several theories out there that help explain why cats knead. One of the more interesting theories is that they knead to make a softer bed. This is kind of like how dogs will make circles around a certain spot on the ground before they lie down. In the same fashion, cats can knead to mark the surface their on as a spot to lay down. This brings me to another theory, a theory that says kneading is simply just the cat marking the ground. Much like how cats rub their faces on objects to spread their pheromones to mark the location and claim it, kneading can do the same thing. While there is no spreading of pheromones, it could be used for more of an individual purpose.

As a cat owner you might be slightly frustrated when a cat kneads. If a cat kneads on a couch it could get to the point where your cat rips up the couch if its claws aren’t kept trimmed. However, you should know that kneading also is a way to spread their feeling of contentment. While your cat might be tearing up your couch, just know that she’s also saying she loves you!

Another peculiar trait that some cats do is eat grass. Just like kneading, there is a lot of questions surrounding this weird act. Some people say cats eat grass when they aren’t feeling other, others say they eat grass for the nutrients. Whatever the case may be, if your cat doesn’t normally eat grass and you might be noticing some other weird behaviors, you might want to err on the side of caution and take your kitty to the vet just to make sure. Sometimes cats will eat grass because they have an itch or irritation in their throats or stomachs.


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