Do you need help in searching for the best gift for a seven-year-old? Find out this year’s best gift ideas that every seven-year-old kid will enjoy. 

Best Gift Ideas

Seven years olds have more developed motor skills compared to a child six years old and below. They enjoy toys that require them to use their skills. Moreover, they prefer activities that allow them to engage and interact. Toys that also excite their imagination and creativity will help them enhance their motor, verbal, and mental aptitude.

When choosing gifts for children at this age, the best options are those items that can sharpen their developmental skills while having fun. Take note that seven years old easily gets bored. Thus, pick out gifts that give them plenty of excitement and satisfaction.

If you are still having a hard time picking out a gift for a seven-year-old, check out these gift ideas that are a sure help to your predicament.

Gift Idea #1: Lego Kit

Legos are fun to play. It allows your child to construct the images into real objects. You can buy a high-quality Lego set without spending too much case. Also, this toy offers countless benefits to children. Studies show that Lego promotes fine motor skills, improves creativity, and develops problem-solving and mathematical thinking of children, as well as their lateral thinking and planning skills. Additionally, they can play it with other kids, thereby enhancing their verbal and communication abilities.

Bring out the mini engineer in your seven-year-old with a Lego kit. One of the top Lego sets this year is Klutz Lego Chain Reactions Science & Building Kit. This Lego kit allows your child to construct 10 moving machines. It comes with 30 pieces, complete with an instructional manual to help your child create and build.

Gift Idea #2: Sew-Your-Own Slippers

Is your seven-year-old girl crafty? Let her channel her creativity with sew-your-own slippers by Klutz. This type of gift will hone your child’s motor skills, imagination, and creativity. It will also teach her how to follow instructions and be detailed. Moreover, she will surely have fun crafting this cute little project.

The Klutz Sew-Your-Own Unicorn Bunny Slippers is the best option to improve her creativity. And the best thing is your child can use it at home.

Gift Idea #3: Robot Toys

If you are searching for an interactive yet fun toy for a seven-year-old child, a robot toy is a great choice. Robot toys like the Wonder Workshop Dash Coding Robot are educational and fun. It promotes active play and teaches children to learn loops, events, sequences, conditions, and everything basic coding. Also, this robot toy has its voice command, which makes it more fun and cool.

This incredible and awesome robot will certainly help develop your child’s mental and motor skills. However, you should take note that it is not a cheap toy. Advanced robot toys such as this cost more than a hundred dollars.

If a robot toy is out of your budget, there are more in store for you. You can check out Just Gift Ideas for the best list of affordable and fun gifts for children and whole a lot more. This source is your friendly guide in searching for quality gifts online.


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