Blend It!

Grabbing a smoothie is an easy choice for the modern busy bee. Smoothies are ridiculously easy to put together. They can be made from almost any combination of fruits, vegetables, powders and various other ingredients. Smoothies can be customized to fit your dietary needs. Plus, they require about as much effort to carry around as your daily cup of coffee. A smoothie can also be as cheap or as expensive as you can afford because the ingredients are all up to you. All in all smoothies have managed to fit itself nicely in that sweet spot that nicely balances cost, convenience and nutritional needs.

Did you know that the Smoothies market was worth an estimated USD 12 billion in 2018? And it shows no signs of slowing down. Quite the opposite, in fact the Smoothie Market is forecasted to grow into a USD 16 billion market by 2023. This should not come as a surprise considering that everyone from the average Jane and Joe next door to your favorite celebrity has jumped on the smoothie bandwagon. There is no denying it. The smoothie business is big business.

So name your favorite smoothie because it seems that your favorite stars are not shy about sharing the recipes of their favorite go to drink.

Are you perhaps a Keeping Up With The Kardashians fan that prefers Kourt’s highly instagrammable Berry smoothie? Made from a mixture of blueberries, strawberries and even spinach, vitamin supplements and probiotics, the reality star swears that even kids will want to drink her uber healthy concoction.

Or maybe you are a die-hard FRIENDS fan that takes her cue from the ageless Jennifer Aniston aka Rachel Green. Well, Jen treasures her Vegan Cherry Smoothie that is every bit as healthy as it is tasty. So what goes into Jen’s preferred smoothie? Apparently a lot of antioxidants, almond milk, cacao powder and of course, cherries, among other stuff.

But what about the Angel’s you ask? What about those epitome of female perfection swathed in silk, gems and pink glitter? So apparently even angels take time to pull out their blenders and mix up their favorite smoothies. Candice Swanepoel for one makes no secret of what she calls her “beauty smoothie.” This smoothie includes anti-oxidant fruits, coconut oil and bananas to name but a few of the healthy ingredients that go into the mix.

Even Nick Jonas is known to grab an apple pies smoothie. Nick’s smoothie of choice is reported to be a combination of coconut milk yogurt, nutmeg, bananas, raw cashews and ground ginger among other things.

So what sounds delicious to you? Do any of the smoothie recipes from some of your favorite stars tickle your taste buds? Smoothies are nutritious, delicious and oh so easy to put together. All you really need is a great commercial-grade blender and the ingredients of your choice. No need to get bored either or stuck with just one smoothie recipe too. You can do like Behati Prinsloo of Victoria’s Secret Angel’s fame and switch up your smoothies every so often.


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