When it comes to landscaping, the solar-powered-lamps are very flexible; it adds sophistication to your outdoor aesthetics and it is energy-efficient too.

If you are planning to purchase a couple of outdoor lamp posts, you should go for solar-powered lamp posts than sticking to the usual electric-powered outdoor lamps; and here are the top reasons why:

Reason #1: Energy-efficient

One thing that everyone loves about solar-powered lamp posts is its being energy-efficient – well, for one thing, it is powered by solar energy. This means you can save a couple of dollars on electricity. Most of the solar-powered lamps have an adjustable LED lamp, a solar panel, and a rechargeable battery.

The LED technology converts 95 percent of energy to light, while the 5 percent remaining is converted into heat (wasted energy); this means, lamps that are LED can consume less power but produces bright light than the usual CFL lamps. Solar-powered lamp posts are guaranteed bright enough to light up your yard or porch throughout the night. Plus, since it is solar-powered, you don’t have to worry about keeping the lamps on from dusk until dawn.

Reason #2: Boosts your outdoor curb appeal

The design and the placement of the lamps can improve the overall aesthetics of your outdoor landscaping. Most of the solar-powered lamp posts are well-designed and well-assembled with a sophistication that helps brighten up the mood of your yard or front porch. If you are planning to sell your home in the future, adding solar-powered lamp posts can increase your home’s outdoor appeal.

Fortunately, there are well-designed and well-built solar-powered lamp posts that you can find today and to help you pick the best solar powered lamp post you should try reading a well-detailed review of this year’s top solar-powered lamp post at Solar Garden Lights HQ’s official website.

Reason #3: The best way to brighten up a modern garden

To boost your garden’s aesthetics or view during nighttime, investing a couple of well-designed solar-powered lamp posts is one of the best options in terms of modern landscaping.

Reason #4: It is a low-cost installation

Solar-powered lamp posts installation cost can be very low since it does not require to be added to the house’s current electrical conduit. The lamps use solar panels and battery (for backup) to work. Thus, it won’t add hefty work to have it installed; however, that depends on your current landscaping.

Reason #5:  It requires less maintenance

LED lights have 10 years or more lifespan; which means, with correct installation and the right LED bulb, you do not have to worry about your solar-powered lamp post for the next 5 to 10 years unless the brightness of the LED lamp is starting to get dimmer.

Most of the solar-powered lamp posts need 3-4 times annual visual check if the solar panel’s glass and light fixture are still in good shape and if the battery needs to be changed.

Wrap Up

Solar-powered lamp posts are considerably in a better spot than the usual electrical-powered lamp posts – the former is versatile, cost-efficient, and well-designed that can brighten up the aesthetics of your yard or porch.


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