Are you planning to purchase a charcoal grill but cannot decide on the size of the grill you need? Luckily, this post got you covered.

Top-rated charcoal grills

Charcoal grills come in different shapes and sizes; the kettle, barrel, and ceramic charcoal grills are three of the most popular charcoal grills that you can find in the market today. But how big can you go when choosing a charcoal grill?

Here are some useful tips on how to decide on charcoal grill size:

#1: The frequency of grilling

How often will you be hosting a gathering with your friends or your relatives featuring your grilling skills? Are you planning to do business out of this? Are you grilling for a larger group?

If you are planning to do this more often or if you are going to grill for a larger group of people, you need to look for a larger grill. Typically, a charcoal grill with 550 to 650 inches cooking area will help reduce the grilling time and help serve grilled food to everyone at the same time.

One of the best options for large grilling is a barrel charcoal grill. This type of grills is perfect for slow cooking, grilling, and smoking meats for large parties, events, and gatherings. Plus, they come in bigger sizes.

#2: Workspace

Do you have enough space at home? If not, you should consider a small-sized charcoal grill.

The workspace is one of the huge factors when deciding on purchasing whatever type of grill. It is essential to ensure that your cooking area has enough space to accommodate the grill and has enough space for a safe grilling zone.

If you have a small cooking space, you should go for a small-sized charcoal grill such as a kettle grill with 22-inch in diameter. The grill can accommodate 13-15 hamburgers. Fortunately, there are several top-rated charcoal grills of different sizes and shapes that can fit within your small backyard or apartment patio. All you need to do is check on consumer reviews to ensure you are paying for a grill worth purchasing.

However, if you have a huge backyard, you should consider getting a medium to large size charcoal grill.

#3: The food to grill

What type of food are you planning to grill? Is it larger cuts of meat? Will you serve it all at once? Will you be using your grill for thinner cuts of meat, chicken, and vegetable?

When choosing a charcoal grill, you should also consider the food you are planning to grill. You may consider small-sized grills if you are planning to use them on thinner cuts of meat, chicken, a few meat patties, sausages, and vegetables. However, if it is thick-cut steaks that need to be served at a large number of people, you should opt for a large-sized charcoal grill.

Final Thoughts

After deciding on the size, you need to consider the grill’s additional features, durability, and performance. Also, do not forget to consider your budget. Lastly, try reading unbiased product reviews about charcoal grills before reaching a decision.


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