Although often overlooked, choosing the best shower head filter is as important as buying the shower head itself.

Shower head filters are designed to reduce, and even eliminate, the irritation on the skin because of additives or debris in the water. Chemicals in the water like chlorine can cause mild to severe skin problems as well as weakening of the hair follicles. It can also cause damages to the respiratory tract, bladder, and would increase the chances of heart attacks.


These days, water pollution is a constant issue. People complain of bad water or too much chlorine it in. Filters have been produced for kitchen sinks to ensure clean water for cooking. Shower head filters, on the other hand, purify the water and improve its quality before it hits your skin. A good quality shower head filter could make your skin look healthier, your hair softer, your scalp less dry, and also your color-treated hair last longer.

In order to get all the benefits that a shower head filter can offer, you might need to check out the things you need to consider when choosing one then read honest reviews of the best shower head filters here.

Things to Consider

Filtration System

The most important thing to go through when choosing a shower head filter is to check the kind of filtration system it uses. Some filters are best for hard water while some are designed to filter chlorine and lime. Your pick would depend on your location and the kind of water problem you have. So, you want to do some research first on your water quality before deciding on which filter to get.

In addition to this, some filtration systems are safer to the skin as they do not have toxins that could harm the skin even more.

Life Span

Another thing to consider, for you to save up on worrying about replacements the second you buy it, is the longevity or the life span of the filter. Since you won’t be able to test it at the onset of the purchase, you might want to read some reviews or feedbacks from people who have already tried the products. It also won’t hurt to ask the shop you are buying from of the life of the filter you are about to purchase.


Shower head filters can bend, break, and even crack if they are made of cheap materials. Make sure to pick one that is made of more durable metals or plastics. The cost might be a bit higher than low-quality ones, but you would be rest assured that you would not need to spend for replacement anytime soon.

Availability of Replacement Parts

You might need to change your filter cartridges every six months at the least to make sure that the water that passes through your filter is still of high quality. Which is why, you might want to choose a shower head filter that has cartridges available in countless stores or shops. Do not ignore the prices, too.


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