Career options for a gunsmith

Gunsmith_01Employers are looking for a gunsmith with a bachelor’s degree in business or engineering, although it is possible to undertake a gunsmith degree at diploma, certificate or associate level. Gunsmith programmes will teach you mechanical skills, design and function of different firearms, firearm safety and legislation. There are a wide range of skills which you will need to display competence in this career such as metal working, wood craft, mathematics and science. You will also require a federal firearms licence. The minimal age is 21 and you must have a clear unblemished record with no convictions or history of mental health.

Once you have gained certification and experience in gunsmithing you may decide to specialise further. You could become a firearms inspector also known as industry operations investigator. The firearms inspector inspects people who distribute guns; this can involve interviewing, background searches and auditing. The average salary for this career is $79,050 annually. Other career options include being a forensics firearms examiner. This could net you about $47,000 per year. A forensic firearm examiner often works alongside criminal investigators. Their expert knowledge can provide trajectory of a bullet, what type of firearm was used and identifying the position of the shooter and victim. Alternatively you may decide to become a lecturer, teaching future students about being a gun smith.

The median age for a gunsmith is 38 years old. The majority of gunsmiths are male, with just over a 5th of all gunsmiths being female. The average gunsmith makes around $30,000 a year. Starting pay may begin at $25,200 whilst top rates are around the region of $36,000. Salary tends to increase alongside your experience and expertise, but there can be differences state to state.


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