PharmacistSome career sectors continue to rise despite the economic background and this is true for medicine. There is always a need for graduates in this field and as the population increases this requirement will continue to grow and grow. To work within the field of medicine you will need to study until at least bachelor’s degree, although you may then be required to take further programs of study to work within your chosen field. Two professions that spring to mind include pharmacy and physical therapy.

When choosing where to study it is worth considering the school’s reputation. Schools can be ranked with regards to how good their courses are and it is worth doing some background research regarding the schools you are hoping to study at. Important considerations include tuition fees, class sizes and methods of teaching.

If you are considering studying pharmacy then be aware that this can be a very competitive course to get onto. Pharmacists are concerned with medicine use, effects, side effects and patient information regarding the taking of medication. Once qualified you may find yourself working in a healthcare organisation such as a hospital, in a shop or even involved in the research and development of new medications.

There is a strong science aspect to courses with a hefty dose of mathematics. Working as a pharmacist can provide you with a rewarding career and an excellent salary. Courses are available throughout America.

If physical therapy sounds more up your street then it is worth knowing that there are plenty of employment opportunities in this field. Physical therapists are concerned with people reaching optimal mobility and movement and there are several specialisms within this field. For instance you may wish to work in a sports industry, helping people reach their maximum potential and organising treatments when sports injuries occur. Alternatively you may wish to work in healthcare, employment opportunities exist in hospitals, doctor’s surgeries and fitness clubs.  You will need to gain a graduate degree accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy.

There are many different universities to choose from and it is worth considering if the program you wish to study provides clinical experience alongside theory, to help you stand out from the competition when applying for work.


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