Child Taken Out Of School For His Facial Hair

Out of all the things boys may get in trouble in during their years in the education system, I never thought having facial would be one of them. Yes, the exact existence of facial hair was enough to have 15 year old Sam Taubman taken out of class, put in an isolated classroom, and taught away from his peers for two full days. Sam was a student at Sacred Heart Catholic School in Crosby, Merseyside, England.

This rule about boys not having any facial hair was apparently a new rule added to the strict uniform policy that the school heavily enforced. The school stated that their endless execution of their rigid policy instills an extremely efficient learning environment where the students can thrive. Apparently having just a touch of facial on Sam’s upper lip was enough to completely trash any student’s chance at learning.

Taubman’s mom wasn’t happy about the incident and was sure to share her disdain for the new policy. She complained that Sam could get facial spots if he starts using an electric razor, but the schools’ headteacher, Ian Walker, went on record to say that he invited Jacqueline Kent (Taubman’s mother) to speak with him at any time about the matters at hand.

Personally, I understand that rules are rules, and the should definitely be enforced, but in what way is a touch of facial going to completely disrupt the learning environment? Most of the kids probably can’t even grow any noticeable facial hair – I know I couldn’t went I was 15! Rather than stating no boy is allowed to have any facial hair, they should put limits on it. If the boy wants to show off his “manlihood” with a faint mustache, go on, let him, but set some limits in the policy that doesn’t allow anyone to grow it out too long.

Honestly, this could have all been easily avoided though. Even if Taubman wanted to show off his fuzzy mustache, he should have shaved it in the first place. If he knew anything about facial hair he’d know that what he was growing wasn’t necessarily the best look for him. If anything he should have looked for a nice beard trimmer and trimmed it up rather than keeping it un-kept.

Child Taken Out Of School For His Facial Hair Credit Picture License: Nathan T. Baker via photopin cc

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