Many tactical flashlights in the market today are advanced and affordable. Those are exactly the reason why their popularity skyrocketed.


Back then, these flashlights are typically used by military and law enforcement personnel. But now, a lot of people are purchasing one for personal use.

Tactical flashlights are designed to be incredibly durable and ultra-powerful. And since they gained a lot of attention from consumers, numerous companies decided to add some features that’ll make them easy to carry for everyday use.

So if you’re purchasing a tactical flashlight for the first time, or planning to add a new one to your existing collection, then you can check out our tactical flashlight buying guide below. The following tips can help you pick out the best tactical light that you can use for years.

Brighter is better

If you’re using a regular flashlight, then you may not need to run it on its brightest setting. However, when it comes to tactical flashlights, it’s an entirely different story.

You will need a focused and bright beam that can throw over long distances. It can be useful for scanning for targets when hunting or for routine traffic stops. During these situations, you would need a lot of light.

On average, tactical lights have a 1000 lumen peak brightness rating. But some brands have exceeded this to 1800 lumens!

The size and feel matter

This one may differ from one person to another. But remember that paying attention to your flashlight’s size and grip will pay off later on.

The majority of users usually prefer a 1” body tube with some grip or texture enhancement along the tube. When it comes to length, most tactical flashlights are between 4” and 6”. Therefore, you can carry it comfortably in your duty belt or pocket and hold it easily in your palm.

Other tactical lights come with a removable tactical ring that perfectly fits the body tube’s end, before the tail cap. The ring can provide extra grip when you’re holding it in a cigar or overhand grip.

Tip: Make it a routine to double-check if you’ve completely tightened both the tail and the ring to ensure proper connection of batteries.

Interface shortcuts to key modes are a must

There are modes you can choose from on a tactical flashlight and you have to learn them carefully. You don’t want it to turn on at maximum brightness during situations where you need to stay covert. Also, you don’t want to get only one lumen during a self-defense situation.

Fortunately, there are tactical flashlights that have intuitive interface shortcuts. They will allow you to get easy access to frequently used modes such as Turbo, Ultralow, and Strobe.

Some flashlights even have a memory mode which returns them to the previously used brightness level the next time you power them on.

Secondary outputs are necessary for versatility

It would be nice to have a tool that can do more than one task. That’s why some tactical lights offer UV outputs and secondary color aside from their strong white output.

This option can help you in inspecting, searching, and staying covert.


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