Cool and Warm Mist Humidifiers


Humidifiers are products that are starting to make a name because of the introduction of essential oils. Although they have been around for years, it is just recently starting to sell increasingly. Humidifiers have actually been patterned to the old tradition wherein parents will cure their child’s colds, allergies, asthma, and other respiratory problems using a kettle that has boiling water and the steam will be inhaled. That is actually the principle behind modern warm humidifiers.


Cold humidifiers, on the other hand, use a more advanced technology to produce and release steam. Such is the so-called evaporative wherein there is a filter present inside that will wick the moisture away and the internal fan will blow it in order for it to evaporate into thin air. On another note, the ultrasonic type of cool mist humidifier uses vibrating processes to help break down the water droplets. Nonetheless, these two types of humidifiers have their own advantages and disadvantages. With that in mind, people must evaluate what will work best for their needs.


The main advantage of using warm humidifiers is that there is a possibility that they can also ward off germs that are present. That is simply because of the higher level of temperature of the mist released. During winter or rainy season, this type can also add more heat to a specific area. Such will depend on the size of the humidifier. Also, the steam released contains fewer minerals that are present in the water. Thus, it is healthier. Additionally, cleaning it is easier because all you need to do is empty out the water tank and keep it clean. Nevertheless, it should be done regularly.


People who will choose to buy warm humidifiers should also face the reality that they will consume more electricity because of the continuous heating of water to maintain the temperature of the steam. Additionally, the area on where to put the product may become a problem for homes that have children or pets. That is because the hot water in it is dangerous and the product can be tipped over by either of the two beings.


Cool mist humidifiers are preferred by some because they no longer need electricity for them to operate. Hence, there is a little saving both on money and energy. They are also more affordable than the warm humidifiers. Additionally, they will not post any danger to kids and pets when they are tipped over. However, cleaning cool mist humidifiers is more tedious and time-consuming. That is because they are prone to mold and bacterial growth. That is owed to the fact that there is no heat involved. Also, for the evaporative type, people should constantly change the filter.


Amazingly, there are already humidifiers that are capable of releasing both cold and warm mist. Although this post will not talk about them that much, what we can say is that they operate quieter than the last two other types. They have also been incorporated into antibacterial systems but are more expensive.


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