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Food is often the highlight of any celebration. From time to time, you are invited to a special gathering. It can be a birthday party, family reunion and any occasion where old friends, family, and colleagues are present. And the more you attend these types of occasions, the more you realize that they serve the same buffet entrees and appetizers. And somehow, you wish to see a new recipe on the table. Well, you can start the change by elevating the celebration to a higher level. Why not try a creative Japanese catering and surprise your guests by serving a different meal? To match the occasion to the food you serve might as well have a Japanese themed party. And Japanese Hibachi restaurants can take care of the food that you need.


Below are some suggestions that you can do to make the party even more fun:


Involve your guests


If sushi is part of your recipe then why not hold a rolling class during the party? Guests will surely be entertained if you hire a team of Japanese cooks who will invite guests to roll their own sushi! All you need to do is to provide the materials like the nori sheets and fish. Your Japanese cooks will show how the ingredients are assembled and how to perfect their sushi rolls. Kids (and even adults) will surely find this activity exciting and fun.


Japanese Buffets


A “serve yourself” setting can be perfectly achieved by setting up a sushi bar. This allows everyone to satisfy their hunger while allowing your picky guests to pick the ones that will satisfy their tastes. You can have cooked options so guests who do not eat raw seafood can find other alternatives.


Sizzling Options


Of course, you must not settle on Japanese appetizers and sushi alone. Some guests want to flash and sizzle and a hibachi service will be a perfect match for this. A portable hibachi grill will surely create a full show for everyone present at the event. It will surely be one of the most talked party as guests will enjoy steak, freshly grilled shrimp and vegetables seasoned with classic hibachi sauces.


Cut the preparation time


Surely, you can’t do all the preparation on your own, especially if time is running out. Calling a catering to do the job for you will save you a lot of time and effort. You can even look for a caterer who includes cocktails, decorations, and entertainment as part of the package. They will provide the bartenders with various alcohols and mixers. Hence, someone will always attend to your guest’s needs with cocktail services around.


Customize according to needs


Your catering menu must be customized to fit what your guests needs. You must have other options for guests with certain food allergies or their preferred type of sashimi. Just make sure you discuss these matters with your caterers to avoid any inconvenience during the party and allow everybody to have fun.


So, what are you waiting for? Start your party preparation now.


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