106359_bigCooking is often a relaxing experience which is why it has therapeutic value. When people are engaged in something they love doing it can relieve stress and give them a sense of purpose. It also allows people to express themselves and gives them a sense of control over their life.

Culinary therapy is used to engage people in meaningful tasks, baking, cooking and using culinary equipment are part of the activities used within this therapy. People’s senses are enlivened by the texture of food items and the smells associated with cooking. People are encouraged to play with the ingredients, whether that is kneading dough, using cookie cutters, mixing up cakes or using their creative skills to ice cakes.

They are encouraged to feel, smell, taste and look at the huge range of food items and equipment as a creative exploration of food. Sometimes patients just like the feel of certain ingredients. Many of the people who take part in this therapy require assistance to help them with the skills of cooking; this also provides a good means of bonding between the person and the therapist.


Culinary therapy can be an engaging and productive therapy, allowing people to communicate and express themselves. Similar to art therapy, sessions can be held either individually or as small groups, depending on the amount of assistance that will be required. In the group sessions the aim is to produce a meal that everyone can sit down to, to share their creations and review what they have made.

Work is divided between the participants under the supervision of a culinary art therapist, during the process of cooking and eating the therapist is able to participate in guided discussions. When people are feeling relaxed they are more likely to open up about problems which may be bothering them. Individual sessions as the name suggests involves the culinary art therapist working with a singular client.

This provides more one on one time. The person may then wish to share the meal they have made with family members giving them a sense of achievement.http://culinaryarttherapy.com/defined.html

There are many top schools offering degrees in culinary-related occupations; here is a small list.


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