picture-25Data journalism is becoming more popular, as technology has become more important for journalists. Technology allows greater access to information and can help the journalist to systematically sort out which information is useful to the story he is reporting.

The use of the internet inundates us with information, which at times can be very overwhelming; using technological interventions to filter out the meaningful items can allow the journalist to be more efficient and streamlined. This processing of information can allow the journalist to concentrate on the salient points of the story he is writing without being ambushed by lots of drivel.

Technology is a fantastic tool to enable reporters to present factual and well researched information, it can enable journalists to find new stories and link disparate events which otherwise may not come to light. Using the technology can make the reporter more akin to a detective, tracking down bits of separate information in order to provide an interesting narrative. Both computer scientists and journalists are concerned with information, so linking them together can be beneficial.

Data journalism is now a growing area as more and more people can see the advantages, journalism can be enhanced by using available technology, although basic reporting skills are still required. For computer scientists who wish to move into the area of journalism allows them to use their creative side in digital media. A computer science degree can be a useful platform for a journalist, giving them the skills to extract information from a wide variety of sources.


Some colleges are now offering dual majors in journalism and computer science. These courses train students in using digital technology showing them how to extract information so that they can produce interesting and informative narratives. Students gain skills in computer supported news application, digital media production and technical and editorial skills. Students will learn not only writing and reporting skills but will also learn about computer science and software design. Columbia Journalism school runs a dual degree in journalism and computer science and more information can be found from the below link.



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