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With the demand for nurses soaring throughout the country, now is a great time to get into the field. Nurses have a variety of educational opportunities and specialties, and this makes nursing a dynamic field. Here is what you need to know about choosing a career in nursing.

Statistics on Nursing Degrees

With the demand for health care services rising, there is a shortage of nurses in the system. Nursing degrees provide you with many opportunities to fill high need positions in a stable and well-paid profession. The average RN makes around $67,000 per year, with the top earnings making well over $90,000 per year.

In addition to the pay, nurses benefit from the ability to choose flexible schedules and the sense of contribution to those in need. For more information about what various types of nurses make, visit the following link:

Why Choose Nursing?

Students in the field of nursing enter the profession for a variety of reasons. First of all, the pay, benefits, and hours can be attractive. The desire to be in the health care field is another major reason. Whereas doctor education can take more than 6 years, nurses can receive a master’s degree in 2 years. The wide range of opportunities for nurses is another factor. Depending on interest, nurses can work in critical care, pediatric facilities, orthopedic offices, and many other areas. Specialized training may be needed to work in some facilities.

Types of Nursing Degrees

Nurses can choose several different specialties; many choose the most common such as being a general nurse practitioner, nurse anesthesia, or pediatric nursing. One specialty within nursing is forensic nursing. This can be an appealing options, since many different types of careers can be married with forensics. The pay, length of study required, and the number of hours worked per week vary depending on the type of nursing degree obtained. Registered nurses have the greatest sway in determining their own hours and getting the highest pay.

Finding the Best Nursing Program

Getting into a good nursing degree will change the trajectory of a student’s success in the job market. A good nursing program is accredited and has a good teacher to student ratio. Talking with several nursing program in person can help a student decide which institution is the best fit. In any case, students are likely to be successful in the current job market, since the demand for nurses is so high.

For those who successfully complete a degree in nursing, a rewarding and well-compensated position awaits.


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