Different Paths Of Criminal Justice

justiceAre you interested in pursuing a career in the field of criminal justice? If so then you have probably thought about what it would be like as a criminal investigator or forensic scientists, but there are many other options other than those two. The field of criminal justice is one of the most extensive fields out there today because of how many other different fields it ties into. Going into criminal justice could land you in such a wide variety of amazing jobs! One of this fantastic positions could be as a paralegal or a forensic accountant.

Paralegal sounds pretty scary because you instantly think of a boring and stale job where you have to wear a suit every day and deal with legal issues, but this isn’t always the case. The description of a paralegal can easily be described as someone who aids attorneys and acts as a legal assistant. Now, before you can become a paralegal you must first decide where specific area of law that you want to specialize in. You have many options including criminal, corporate, immigration, and domestic. As opposed to many other positions in the criminal justice field, a highly valued degree is not always needed. Statistics have shown that a large portion have nothing more than a Bachelor’s Degree while many also come in with an Associates Degree.

Another position that you might find interesting to you while pursuing a job in the field of criminal justice is as a forensic accountant. As opposed to a regular accountant who gives financial advice, makes budgets, and solves financial issues, a forensic accountant gets to step away from the “doing” and goes into the “looking”. As a forensic accountant, you will get paid to investigate people, businesses, and companies suspected of illegal financial crimes by reviewing financial records. Crimes such as tax evasion, fraud, and embezzlement are the most popular.

As you can see, the overall field of criminal justice is anything but limited. You could work on the legal side of things where you are around attorneys, defendants, lawyers, etc. or you could find yourself on the forensic side where you look into suspected criminals and help seek justice for the world. Either way, I’m sure you will love what you do as criminal justice is a pretty awesome field to be in.


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