tandem-kayak-2A few weeks ago the company I work for organized a bonding trip for us in a nearby recreational facility. The facility is famous within the region especially in hosting corporate events. I had been to the facility several times before, mostly in a group of delegates from our company, in one cross-company function or another.

This time however we were going to the facility to have fun. We had been to other company bonding events and all of them had proved to be enjoyable occasions. We were therefore quite excited when the day came to visit the resort.

We have a very creative event organizer and planner in the company and this time he had planned that we would engage in several activities which would need us to work in teams. To make the challenges more challenging and interesting, we were supposed to in each activity have different team members and each team not having more than one member from the same department. This was tough but at the same time an exciting challenge that in the best way highlighted the basic purpose of the bonding trip.

Amongst the many activities that we participated in, the activity that I enjoyed most was a kayaking event in which two colleagues were supposed to navigate through a difficult water course. The course had some challenging obstacles and only teams which worked together efficiently would be able to go through the course in good time.

The events manager ensured that the teams consisted of a gentleman and a lady. This was since most of the ladies were inexperienced in kayaking and they were naturally apprehensive of the challenge. Despite many of us gentlemen having no prior experience in kayaking, we put on a show of confidence in the presence of the ladies.

The company provided us with some sleek tandem kayaks which were decorated in flashy colors. Before embarking on the challenge, we were taken through a brief introduction to kayaking and we were given a few minutes to acclimatize with the kayaks.

The kayaking challenge was a lot of fun and at the same time quite challenging. I was fascinated by the extent with which each team member worked with his or her partner. For me and my partner, at the end of the course, one could mistake us for longtime friends. This is due to the fact that we had been able to work together to achieve a mutually challenging activity with a mutual goal.

After the trip I decided that I would visit the resort again; this time I would come with my wife.

Like any couple, there are times when things between married couples are not going as smoothly as one wants. My marriage is in such a phase and I am desperate to get things back in order. Our marriage is in the rocks since we are both usually stressed out due to our work commitments and communication between us is breaking down.

Maybe taking on a challenge in a tandem kayak will help rejuvenate our love and once again open up our communication.




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