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As more and more education students graduate, it has become increasingly clear that the education market is saturated. According to a study published by the Associated Press and Yahoo News, America’s National Council of Teacher quality estimates that the number of education graduates nearly triples the number of new job positions that are open.

Sources also suggest that while teachers are graduating at quick rates, they aren’t graduating with enough ability to teach common body of knowledge subjects in diversified classrooms. Some lawmakers are even calling for collegiate programs to place tougher restrictions on who can and cannot enter an educational program.

However, until changes are made, there are a few things that education graduates should know.

1. Initial Salaries May Not Be Highest Among Careers

For many years education was considered a very stable career field. However, initial salaries may not be the highest among careers that are considered stable; especially when having to deal with students going through puberty. Graduates should understand that starting salaries for teachers may not be as high as they hoped and that they may need to stick to a sharp budget the first few years they teach.

Teacher salaries usually do go up with time, but it can take years for a teacher to have enough tenure to achieve the salary that they desire.

2. Find A Job With Benefits

For many teachers finding a job with health insurance, retirement programs, student loan repayment programs and further educational opportunities may help the benefits far outweigh the costs of getting into education. Teachers looking to teach things like math, science, or a few other high school level courses can get extra benefits in the form of special scholarships. It is important that teachers seek a job that rewards them with additional benefits to help them offset the lower salary and costs of living.

3. Learn To Love Teaching

For many students, the draw of being a teacher may have been the idea that they would be in a stable career field. While this is somewhat true, the market is saturated, and by learning to truly enjoy what you are doing, you will find that the rewards are based on more than just salary.

Try to learn how to reach your students using technology and other teaching methods. Learning to be creative in your teaching will allow you to truly enjoy what you do and that excitement will pour into other aspects of your life.

Teaching can be very rewarding, but the job market is saturated. To help overcome this learn to look for specific benefits and discounts to help offset cost of living problems and salaries that take time to build up.


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