Many people look for ways to relieve their stress and spend their extra time in a productive way. One of the most popular crazes these days is crafting. Crafting allows people to be creative and work on their different skills in making things. There are many different kinds of crafting, and one of them is quilting. Though quilting is not as popular as its other crafting counterparts, it possesses the same benefits, if not more. It relieves stress, boosts focus and creativity, improves coordination and builds self-confidence. Just like other crafting types, quilting requires different tools and supplies, as well. Here are the basic things you would need when you decide to start quilting:


Scissors and Rotary Cutter


You would be doing a lot of cutting when you quilt. Scissors are used for cutting bigger fabric and threads. A rotary cutter, on the other hand, is used to cut more detailed shapes and designs. This cutter has a round sharp plate and can cut quickly and accurately. It comes in different sizes. But, for beginners, the medium-sized ones are recommended.


Self-Healing Cutting Mat


This tool allows you to cut without damaging your tabletop or any surface of your work area. It also makes cutting faster and more precise as self-healing cutting mats have ruler grids to assist you in aligning the fabrics you need to cut. The mat is the perfect cutting surface for your rotary cutter as it keeps the blade of the cutter sharp. Some mats are double sided and also come in different sizes. When you are beginning, it would be better to choose the biggest one you can find so you can easily spread your fabric over it.


Acrylic Quilting Ruler


You can use just any ruler to measure simple squares or shapes, but an acrylic quilting ruler is best for cutting specific designs. It has grids and even angles that would help you measure precisely the shape you want. The transparent surface of the ruler would also allow you to make sure that you are measuring the material right. Some rulers also have gripping ability to avoid slipping while you are working on the fabric and rotary cutter.


Sewing Machine


A lot of sewing machines these days have many useful features that make it easier and faster to finish a project. But, you wouldn’t need all those fancy features just to do your quilts. You do not need to choose an expensive or complicated machine. You only need a basic sewing machine that could sew the pieces together. In fact, some skilled people just use a needle and thread and sew the blocks on their own.




The fabric is the most important thing in quilting. Choose materials according to your taste. But you have to consider the quality and design, as well. Experts recommend 100% cotton as it is the best fabric to use when quilting. If you are interested in getting the best quilting kits for beginners, visit https://craftbizpro.com/quilt-kits-for-beginners/ .


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