Although a bearded dragon is a really easy animal to take care of, there are still some supplies you need to get to make sure that your bearded dragon is living healthy and comfortably. Here is a short list.


1. Terrarium


The size of the terrarium or tank is important when choosing a new habitat for your bearded dragon. It should be wide enough and high enough for your pet to live in comfort, allowing it to freely roam around without feeling suffocated or crowded. You can get any type of terrarium as long as you consider the width, length, and height of the design.

2. Lights


The next most important thing you need for your pet’s home is the light. You cannot just depend on the rays of the sun to heat up the bearded dragon’s habitat. The health of the creature depends highly on the amount of light it receives. You would need some fluorescent lights to provide brightness for the entire terrarium. Choose lights with UVA and UVB for better results. You would also need a basking light where your pet could warm up.

3. Substrate
The substrate is the flooring in the tank. It could be made up of paper towels, reptile carpet or even butcher’s paper if the bearded dragon is still young. You can start using sand or pebbles when your pet becomes an adult. This is so because younger bearded dragons have the tendency of ingesting loose or fine substrate.

4. Thermometers


The temperature inside the terrarium should be taken into serious consideration because it affects the health of your bearded dragon. Your tank should have two different temperatures on each side. One should be cold and the other hot. The hot part of the terrarium would be where your bearded dragon would bask in the UV light. And the cold side is where your pet would be able to cool down. You would need thermometers on both sides to make sure that you keep the desired temperatures.

5. Furniture


You would need a basking perch where your pet could enjoy the light and heat. It could be a rock or a high branch. You should also provide a place where your pet could hide and cool down. It would look like a cave or a tunnel where it could escape the heat. Climbing branches are also great as bearded dragons love climbing.

6. Feeding Equipment

  •  Food and Water Bowls

Food and water should be placed in separate bowls. They should always be kept clean and free of the substrate.

  • Spray Bottle

You can spray mist around the tank for your lizard to lick. Do not spray too often as it would increase the humidity inside the tank.


Other Accessories

  • Leash

When bearded dragons get older, they would want to be free from their enclosure from time to time. Make sure to get the best leashes for bearded dragons for when you take them out for a walk.

  • Harness

A harness should be soft and adjustable to provide your lizard some comfort. You would need a harness that is easy to put, too.


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