Do you need a vehicle that can haul heavy loads? Or are you searching for a crazy-fun machine that could satisfy your adventurous heart?

If yes, then look no further than UTVs.

You might have heard about ATV from various online sources or through television. Though ATVs are the best choice when traveling at rough terrains, the vehicle is unstable and lacks safety equipment. Moreover, it is only suitable for recreational use and not for heavy work. These drawbacks of ATVs are the reason why more and more people are becoming invested in UTVs.

More on UTVs

A UTV is an acronym for Utility Task Vehicle. This machine is also well-known as side by side (SXS). The name originated from the ability of UTVs to hold two to four passengers that could sit side by side.

UTVs are more of a work vehicle. Farmers and landscapers benefit from this car since it can carry loads of supplies and equipment in one ride. Moreover, it is also useful for homeowners. The function and performance of a UTV depend on its attachments. For example, you can hitch a snow plow on the front of a UTV.

Albeit UTVs is an off-road work vehicle, you can use it for recreational purposes.

What to Look for When Buying UTVs?

Know that UTVs are not cheap. They are an investment. If you are planning to buy one, make sure it is one of the best and high-performing.

To help you find the right side by side vehicle, look for the following features.

#1 Safety Measures

Always go for safety measures first. Find out if the vehicle has the customary safety equipment such as seatbelts, windshield, and rollbars. Remember that your safety will depend on these pieces of equipment. If it lacks safety features, consider other options that will assure your security and protection.

#2 Higher Clearance vs Low Clearance

Know that there are different types of SXS. Each one has unique features that are ideal for specific situations. For example, SXS for trail riding has high-clearance. This feature allows the vehicle to take on all kinds of terrain. On the other hand, there are SXS for farming. This type of UTV has low clearance but powerful enough to haul heavy loads and equipment.

#3 GPS

A UTV with GPS is quite convenient. It allows you to navigate in unfamiliar terrains, especially when venturing outdoors.

Most trails side by side has this feature; complete with an LCD that is a part of the dashboard.

#4 Electronic Bed Dump

If you need a UTV for hauling or dumping supplies, make sure it has an electronic bed dump. It eliminates the need for labor. With this feature, you can load and unload supplies by simply pushing a button. In a nutshell, this feature supports optimizing productivity.

#5 Know the Brand

A wise buyer will choose a UTV coming from a reputable and well-known brand. Although there are several companies manufacturing UTVs, it is safer to invest in a trustworthy brand.

However, it does not mean that new brands of UTVs have poor quality. You can base on buyers’ review to find out if the vehicle is indeed worth spending money.

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