Before buying shrooms, take note that there are several strains of this mushroom. Some have mild effects, whereas others are quite strong. To help you find the right magic mushroom, here are the five most recommend shrooms from ShroomsXpress reviews.

ShroomsXpress reviews

#1 African Transkei Mushroom

PsilocybeCubensis Transkei, commonly known as African Transkei Mushroom, originated from Africa. This magic mushroom is well-known for its potency. It can induce mild hallucinations to open eye visuals and perceive sounds. As some experts say, it allows users to experience ‘dancing lights’ perceptions.

African Transkei shroom is a medium-sized mushroom with a solid stem. Its color varies from bright orange to white. The mushroom turns into a pale white as it matures.

This type of magic mushroom is used for recreational activities. It is also effective for medical purposes. However, experts strictly recommend micro-dosing when using African Transkei mushroom as a treatment.

#2 Alacabenzi Mushroom

Alacabenzi is one of the top-seller magic mushrooms worldwide. It is easily recognizable by its gigantic and symmetric shaped caps. Studies show that Alacabenzi is a cross between Mexican cubensis and Alabama cubensis magic mushroom strains.

This magic mushroom is potent. Although the effects of Alacabenzi are quite strong, beginners can experiment with this strain using the correct dosage. If consumed in small dosages, it can provide a relaxing effect on the body. It also helps in relieving stress and depression. On the other hand, the substance can twist your balance and cause disorientation when consumed in higher doses.

#3 Brazilian Cubensis Mushroom

This type of magic mushroom is native to Brazil. It is also found in various parts of South America. It has large caps and smaller stems.

Brazilian cubensis magic mushroom has a moderate to intense effect, making them a great option for beginners who want to experiment with shrooms. It is the best choice for treating anxiety, relieving stress, and other medical purposes.

#4 Cambodian Mushrooms

The Cambodian magic mushroom is one of the popular shrooms that originated in South East Asia. The shroom was first discovered in Angkor Wat Temple by John Allen during his trip to Cambodia. Today, the Cambodian mushroom is also cultivated in Mexico and South America.

This shroom strain is incredibly potent; its effects include visual alteration and an increase in imaginations. Cambodian magic mushroom is popular for recreational and spiritual purposes.

#5 Cuban Cubensis Mushrooms

Cuban cubensis magic mushroom originated in Cuba and was discovered in the early 1900s. It has a distinct appearance. You can easily recognize this magic mushroom from its small, orange to brown caps and thin serpentine stems.

Experts call Cuban cubensis as the royalty in the world of psychedelics. According to studies, it is the ‘truest’ cubensis in existence. Moreover, it has a strong effect despite its small size.

Cuban cubensis can cause visual and auditory hallucinations. If you want to break from reality, it is the right strain for you.

More Thoughts

Which among these options would you choose? If you are still confused about the differences between these magic mushroom strains, consult Shrooms Index. Right here, you can find detailed guidelines about shrooms and how to use them correctly.


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