Wearing pocket belts are the best running buddy, where you can bring your phone, keys, wallet, and any small important things with you. However, have you ever been in a position where you are troubled whether should you choose FlipBelt over SPIbelt?

If you are in that position now, this review will help you decide what to choose and have that reason why you should choose it. What are the differences between SPIbelt and FlipBelt? The SPIbelt and the FlipBelt are beneficial pocket or compartment belts where you can place your small items such as your phone, Identification Cards, keys, wallet, and even your passport, while you are working out, running, biking, and more. However, here are the top features that will make you choose which belt you should choose:


  • Bulky
  • Has zipper
  • Tight buckles
  • One to three small compartments
  • Made from sturdy materials


  • Stretchable
  • Can grip small things
  • Can fit up to 6 small items
  • Snuggles perfectly
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Zipper-free but secures items efficiently
  • Buckle-free, but does not budge an inch

SPIbelt is one of the original and first-made running belts that can discreetly carry some of your personal items. Also, it can hold large iPhones or smartphones. However, one of the biggest challenges of wearing some SPIbelt is its inability to carry more than 3-4 small items without worrying about adding small belt pockets.

Additionally, the belt can be bulky, especially when you try to fit some of your small items such as emergency medicine, wallet, headphones, phone, keys, and even sunglasses. Lastly, some runners would complain that the pocket does not stay where you want it to be.

Flipbelt, on the other hand, is a stretchable compartment belt that can hold 6 to 7 items. Also, since it is made from rubbery materials, it snuggles perfectly to your waist without worrying about budging. Even though the belt does not have a zipper to secure your items, the belt has a remarkable way of securing every small item. Plus, you do not need to buy extra belt pockets just to bring with you some of your important items.

Final Verdict

If you would compare SPIbelt between FlipBelt, FlipBelt offers more benefit than the former. In fact, several runners would choose FlipBelts due to its efficiency, durability, and comfortability. Also, you do need extra belt pockets or utility belt like the armbands just to carry all important items with you because FlipBelts can carry your largest phone, keys, passport, wallet, handy tissue, and more.

Lastly, most of the FlipBelts are fashionable. So, if you want to find the best FlipBelt for you, you may see it here. FlipBelt and SPIbelt are both efficient and beneficial compartment belts. You do not need to worry about where to put your important things and what should you bring when running, hiking, working out, and more, because both can give you a solution to your problem. However, if you are having a dilemma which one should you choose, FlipBelts are much favorable than the SPIbelt.




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