For an active fashionista, style must always be in a perfect combination of the product’s functionality. This can be beneficial for someone who is a runner, a regular gymaholic or walker. And the FlipBelt Zipper fits well into these criteria. FlipBelt Zipper is made of spandex and sweat-wicking polyester. It’s also stretchy and comes with 4 slit openings which make it very easy to slide items inside its enclosed tubular band. This is coined as “great for a hand’s free hiking, workouts, traveling, etc.” So, when it comes to convenience in carrying all your essentials, FlipBelt Zipper will surely ease the discomfort of living an active lifestyle.


Here are the pros and cons of the FlipBelt Zipper:




When it comes to running belts, this one is by far the best choice available in the market these days. It’s everyone’s favorite, especially among travelers and fitness enthusiasts. It is easy to use, comfortable to wear, and very convenient to snug. In fact, these are the qualities that made this brand famous these days. It was rated 4.4 out of 5 stars in its client reviews and it offers the best value for an investment of $35 only. It dries quickly too.




Any product has its own sets of disadvantages and the FlipBelt Zipper is not an exempt. It is almost perfect for a running belt but it can’t be adjusted to your desired size. Hence, if you are uncertain your size then may as well, find this out first before posting your order. When it comes to its cost, it is somewhat expensive. In fact, it is more costly compared to other bestsellers. And though it appears to be waterproof, in reality, it is not. So, if you are going to use this running belt to hold your phone, better secure your phone with a plastic before inserting it to the belt if you don’t want it to come in contact with your sweat.


How to Choose the Right Size


You need to choose among its 5 various size options ranging from extra small to extra-large. Take note that its size chart is based on the measurement of your waist. However, it depends on where you intend to wear the belt. If you plan to secure the belt down your hips then go up a size of your natural hips. For instance, if your hips measurement is extra small, order small so you can wear the belt below your hips.


What It Can Carry


It can carry anything you need when you go out as long as they all fit inside the belt. You can insert an iPhone 5S, lip balm, keys, band-aids, eye drops, pepper spray, tissues, or energy gels. Others will even insert their water bottle and speaker inside it.


When shopping for a FlipBelt Zipper, expect to choose among its many neon hues. It is stretchy, smooth and sweat-wicking. You can insert your keys inside with its clips. Its fabric is thick and nice too. It’s stylish, very functional and most of all, machine washable.


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