For a professional and music enthusiast, having a high-performing stereo tube amplifier is essential. This audio equipment can make a difference with your music. It lessens the distortion and noise levels on your stereo. Also, it assures that your audio device produces high-quality sounds every single time.

If you are a beginner in the music industry, one of the basic audio equipment you have to invest in a stereo tube amplifier. You can find a wide variety of this device in the market. But among these options, one of the quality hifi tube amps you’ll get is PSVANE TS66 EL34*4.

What is PSVANE TS66 EL34*4 Stereo Tube Amplifier?

The PSVANE is one of the well-known brands of stereo tube amplifiers in the industry today. Many audiophiles highly regard this name for its reliable performance and high-end sound quality. Also, this item received an excellent satisfaction rating from customers. If you want to see samples of PSVANE TS66 reviews and customer feedback, check it out at Top Tube Amplifier.

Why Choose PSVANE TS66 Stereo Tube Amplifier?

No doubt you are wondering what makes this option a great choice for audiophiles. To help you know more about this item, below are the reasons why you’ll love PSVANE TS66.

#1 Technical Details

This audio device is a type of integrated push-pull vacumn tube amplifier. This item is capable of transforming sounds and passing it through devices without so many distortions. Aside from this, PSVANE TS66 has excellent features which are listed below.

  • Equipped with 12AX7*2, 12AU*2  and EL34-B*4 tubes
  • Has an input impedance of 100k ohms and output impedance of 4-8 ohms
  • Has an input sensitivity of 800mV
  • Features a frequency response of 15Hz-60KHz
  • Has a power consumption of 200W

#2 100% Handmade

Most high-end tube amps are 100% handmade. It is one of the reasons why high-end stereo tube amps have higher quality as well as produces crisp and distortion-free sounds.

The PSVANE TS66 is a genuine handmade stereo tube amp. This device can make powerful sounds without increasing noise levels. Also, it produces clear sounds despite playing on a maximum volume.

#3 Connectivity

This audio device is also popular for its connectivity options. You can use this item and connect it to CD or USB. It is also compatible with mp3 players. Using this device, you can make a great performance and listen to quality music all the time.

#4 A Worthy Investment

For sure you are already counting the money you are going to spend to get this device. Well, PSVANE TS66 is indeed not a cheap option. You’ll have to prepare $680 to purchase this audio equipment. Although it may seem expensive for beginners, however, take in mind the quality and features of this item. It is a guaranteed worthy investment.

What do you think of PSVANE TS66? Would you like to find out more about this product?

You can check out this audio equipment through the Top Tube Amplifier. Also, you can find other budget-friendly and quality stereo tube amplifiers using this source.

So, if you want to get tips, advice and updates regarding the latest trend in this industry, make sure to consult the Top Tube Amplifier.


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