girl-with-catPart of being a responsible pet owner is understanding what certain traits mean. For instance, if you are a cat owner, you should know what it means when your cat starts purring. Purring can have a lot of different meanings, and it’s important to know them all so you know exactly how your cat is feeling and if everything is okay or not. Another responsibility you have as a pet owner is knowing what your pets are eating at all times. For dogs, this can be kind of tricky seeing as how they tend to eats lots of things that maybe you didn’t put in their food bowl. With that said, you should know the things they can’t eat – like chocolate, and know what to do in case your dog does get a sweet tooth.

Chocolate, as many dog owners know, is poisonous to dogs. Milk chocolate is the most commonly consumed chocolate and, depending on the size of dog, even a small 5oz piece of chocolate can be potentially life threatening. Chocolate poisoning can cause breathing disruptions, a heavily increased heart rate, violent vomiting, and excessive diarrhea. A dog with chocolate poisoning is equally is uncomfortable for you, the owner, because you’re going to be the one that has to pick up the mess when it’s all done. So, for your sake as well as your poor dog’s, make sure he doesn’t get into any chocolate. If you know your dog has consumed a large amount of chocolate and you fear for your dog’s life, you need to call animal poison control right away. You can also take your dog to the vet, but calling poison control is probably your best bet as they can come to you and you don’t have to worry about bringing your dog in the car anywhere.

Dog’s aren’t the best at communicating whether or not they are in discomfort or not. However, cats on the other hand are. A cat’s purr can mean a lot of different things, so like I said, as a responsible cat owner it’s important to know what your cat’s purr means. For one, a purr can show the feeling of content. This means your cat is happy, comfortable, and perfectly content being around you. Your cat might become warm, this is normal. However, a cat can also using its purr as a sort of healing mechanism. The purring is used to heal their muscles and joints and can provide a lot of comfort if they are under a certain amount of pain. Also, cats can purr when they are scared, nervous, or frightened.


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