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Though it may matter a little in our lives, we often follow the news regarding the achievements of other people in their respective fields. After all, they’re sometimes seen as an inspiration for a lot of people; and from there, people have even followed in the footsteps of those who have achieved so much. The Academy Awards, popularly known as the Oscars, is a popular awards event that recognizes achievements and technical and artistic merit in the film industry.

Being an event of prominence and popularity, people have made ways to convey the feats in the Oscars and the information about such to others, in an effort to inspire others to improve in the film industry and someday vie for the honors, and others put up the facts in a fun way, like the way We Love Quizzes is doing. A site dedicated on making interesting quizzes on different relevant topics, We Love Quizzes has a quiz on the Oscars that you will surely find thought-provoking, whether you’re an avid follower of the Academy Awards, or simply someone who wants to brag knowing a lot about it. You can check their Oscars trivia quiz questions and answers at

Their Quiz

What’s interesting about the quiz is that it’s filled with questions that cover the entirety of the Oscars’ history of awards; the 31 questions are not an ordinary mix of queries that have been taken from recent memory, but they extend to the beginning of the Oscars, with questions that refer to the first winners of awards, the year of the Oscars’ institution, and when were barriers broken, such as when women and African-Americans were given the awards for the first time.

As stated earlier, there can be many reasons why one would want to be able to answer all of the questions correctly. Not only that it can give you a sense of satisfaction, knowing that you have that degree of extensive knowledge on the Oscars, it is also a good source of information. Though most, if not all, of the information pertaining to the awards may just be for trivia, it does not stop you from relaying this information to others.

Some people may even see the trivia information as a means of motivation in order to strive more in their work, especially if they are also in the film industry, whether they are amateurs or working at small stints.


While the set of questions may be a good balance of information, they are fixed and are not randomly generated. This means that the 31 questions on the Oscars are just repeated, and thus there is no replay value. How would you be able to assess your knowledge the second time around, now that you know the answer? It may be a bit hard to do, but to We Love Quizzes’ credit, their quizzes are well-formulated, and they didn’t really promise anything else aside from a bunch of good quizzes.

Now that we have a good and fun way of getting to know stuff about the Oscars, knowing more about them can never be a hard thing to do now. Check out the quiz and learn more!


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