Good Breeds Come In All Sizes!

Group of twelve dogsIf you’re on the hunt for getting the best dog for you, don’t listen to the breeders that try to persuade you into thinking the best dogs are found in one size. Whether it be small, medium, large, or even giant, each size of breed is going to have a dog just right for you. Some breeders think that small dogs are the smartest and there for should be the most sought after, but this isn’t true. Small dogs have certain advantages and disadvantages over large dogs and vice-versa. If you’re looking for the right dog for you, you just need to look at the individual breeds and not worry so much about the size because good breeds come in all sizes.

Let’s say you’re looking at small dogs; perhaps a dog small enough you can fit in your purse and have run around the house without the fear of it knocking things down. Small dogs are also good with little children because when they play, they don’t have the weight that can potentially knock you off your feet. With all this said, there are certain downsides to small dogs. Small dogs present the biggest health risks and can really become a heavy responsibility just to keep healthy. Small dogs are known to frequently have joint problems, but also organ issues such as heart and liver complications. Small dog’s dental traits tend not to be as strong either as their bones are much more fragile. Let’s not forget the small bladders too. I think it’s safe to say that small dogs require a lot more care than other dogs, but how can we ignore the cuteness of them?

So maybe after reading that you’re now interested in a larger dog, let’s say a medium-sized dog. In my personal experience, medium-sized dogs have the best of both worlds. You have the energetic nature of a larger dog as well as the independence, but also the brains and cuteness of a smaller dog as well. However, large dogs bring their own share of disadvantages too. For one, larger dogs are exactly that, they’re larger. This means the potential of knocking stuff over in the house if you happen to have a clumsy dog. Larger dogs also require a lot more physical exercise. If you don’t give your dog enough exercise to burn off of its energy, he can grow restless and even become violent. This is why it’s important to constantly keep your dogs physically active.


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