At DigiPedal, you will get free guitar pedal reviews and advice and in this article, I will highlight some of them. This article in itself is not a complete review but a highlight for you recognize the importance of visiting DigiPedal.

There are many types and brands of guitar pedals in the stores making it cumbersome for people to pick their best option, but the experts at DigiPedal have compiles reviews of some of the best brands and types to make your selection easier. Below is one of the reviews of DigiPedal website.

The Pro Co RAT2 Distortion Pedal Review

The Pro Co Company has been producing high-end musical accessories which have enabled musicians from all over the world to prove their craft since 1974. They are the experts in cables for guitars and microphones and the most complicated sound systems. You can rest assured that the Pro Co RAT2 Distortion Pedal is produced by a renowned and distinguished company and this product has been around for a while now.

Who is this product designed for?

Almost all most metal and rock songs are created using guitar and have some distortion in them in them. As a result, Distortion pedals should be part of all guitarist toolboxes. Anybody in need of playing shows will need the right stomp box for different songs and parts, and if you are of such king, the Pro Co RAT2 Distortion Pedal is meant for you.

The Pro Co RAT2 Distortion Pedal package

It comes with a detailed user manual and a one year warranty but you have to separately purchase the connection cables and power adapter. It’s affordable, perfect for first-timers, and good for playing for a small audience.

The Pro Co RAT2 Distortion Pedal features

This product is light weight and easy to transport, it actually weighs slightly more than 1.5 pounds and measures          4.8 x 4.5 x 3.3 inches. It’s made of a steel enclosure making it hard to get damaged unless exposed to extreme impact. It’s very sturdy and has heavy-duty knobs used for adjusting the volume and the distortion level. It’s compatible with amps of different sizes and power levels and helps to identify a clear spot which makes the transition from clear to distorted parts pleasant to hear.

Hoe to use the Pro Co RAT2 Distortion Pedal

It’s very simple to operate, as soon as you unbox this guitar pedal, you will discover that no assembly is required. All you need to do is just to attach your power adapter and cable to the stomp box, connect your guitar and start playing. You will have unlimited opportunities to try the different distortion/filter settings using the knobs on the pedal which can be powered on and off at any time during the play using the foot.


The Pro Co RAT2 Distortion Pedal is one of the finest guitar pedals I can talk of. At DigiPedal, you will find its more features, alternatives, price, pros, and cons. In its production, the Pro Co Company did not disappoint.


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