How to become an athletic trainer

20130524athletic-training0132If you can’t play sports, you can still work for your favourite team as an athletic trainer. An athletic trainer is someone who specialises in physical fitness techniques, enabling people to reach optimal health, assisting with weigh problems or assisting sports people who may have sustained injuries and need to rehabilitate. (click here for a list of athletic training programs)

You may provide your client with a particular set of exercises, specially tailored for their needs. You will need to have a strong knowledge base of physiology and anatomy, have excellent people skills to know how to motivate people when the going gets tough, be able to offer first aid and be a great teacher- educating people about fitness routines. You will need to get a degree in your chosen field and will need to gain a licence.

The degree programme can take 4 years and will be sports science or athletic training degree. Your training will provide you with all the knowledge required to pursue your career. Different courses may place a different emphasis on physical fitness training; some programmes encompass nutrition, physiology, and strength training.

This field of study will require you to be a lifelong learner to keep your skills and techniques up to date. You may also need to partake in an internship to gain relevant practical experience. It is possible to study up to a master’s degree, and many successful trainers will do this to keep them at the top of their field. You will need to live by what you teach, maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle to inspire others.

Being overweight or puffing away on cigarettes will not motivate others to change their lifestyle habits for the better. You will also need to have stamina; working in the physical therapies can be very hard work. Your communication skills need to be excellent, when people are pushed to the limit they can become cranky so it is important not to take things personally, but remember that you are there to help them.

You may end up working alongside other professionals so it is important to maintain a dignified manner If all of these aspects seem to be something you can do, then it is definitely worth pursuing a career in this field.

Athletic trainers must become certified in order to practice in their field. Further information is available at the below link:


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