For homemakers, workers, coffee lovers, and many other people, finding the best coffee maker is a matter that matters a lot. Indeed, for many people, I’m sure you and your family members are included, there is no way you can start your day better than starting it with taking a warm cup of good coffee that is freshly brewed.


However, not everyone enjoys this luxury, because they don’t have what they need; a companion that helps in brewing the best coffee, the right coffee maker. it is not their fault because finding the best coffee maker is a great challenge, especially if you don’t have any tips at hand. So many people would rather head to the coffee shop to get a good cup of coffee. But having a brewing station at home or in the office has a myriad of benefits, especially if you are the type that is so hooked to coffee. This makes it important to get your own coffee maker that will give you the best results.

What choices do you have?

To find the best coffee machine, let’s start with a quick course on the different types of coffee makers. This will help you find the specific one that will suit your needs and your way of life as well.

There are three types of coffee makers:

  • Vacuum coffee maker
  • Drip coffee maker
  • Percolator

In terms of popularity, the drip coffee maker wins. Drip coffee makers work by dripping hot water over coffee (ground coffee) to extract the flavor. To make sure that you extract enough amount of flavor from the ground coffee, you need to follow the requirements like the water temperature, amount of time, and the amount and size of ground coffee that you should use during brewing. This way, you will end up with good coffee that has a rich flavor and it will always give you an inspiration to brew some more. This is what makes the drip coffee maker so popular than the other types.

Drip coffee makers come with thermal pots or glass carafes. The French press coffee makers are a good example of this type of coffee. I found a good review of such coffee makers at Coffee Break Essentials and it was easier getting one that I love and adore until now.

Vacuum coffee makers vacuum the flavor from the ground coffee also resulting to a pure coffee. On the other hand, the percolator, which is the least popular, boils the coffee instead of brewing it. Coffee that comes out is usually very bitter.

Things to consider

When looking for the best coffee maker, there are some things you need to consider. You should determine the kind of coffee you want ad when you will be using it, if you need a morning cup or quick cup during breaks at work, then you need a fast-brewing machine. If you don’t mine about time then you will enjoy using the vacuum coffee maker. For homeowners, you can go for a multi-cup coffee maker that can make several cups of coffee at a go.


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