How to Get Started With Martial Arts


Martial arts is one of the most learned fighting system not only in Asia but all around the world. In the early times, it has been practiced for self-defense, military combat applications and more. Kids and adults these days learn martial arts not only for those reasons but also to improve their physical and mental health. Though you could just get to the nearest school that trains different kinds of martial arts and register or enroll, there are still some things that you have to consider before doing so. Check out the list below.


1. Choose Your Martial Arts


There are numerous kinds and styles of martial arts from different parts of the world. You could also choose between unarmed and weapon-based martial arts. Some contemporary styles or hybrid martial arts are adopted from traditional ones and modified by schools or individual masters. You need to do your research and know about the different kinds of martial arts that are available in your area.


2. Prepare Your Body


The training of any kind of martial art requires endurance and strength. Although the training itself would help you improve on those areas, you would still need to prepare yourself for the upcoming intense workouts and exercises that would be given during the sessions. Expect to go home with bruised muscles or sore shoulders after your first classes.


3. Prepare Your Mind


Not only will the trainings require you to do strenuous physical exercises, but will also need you to focus on the instructions and commands. Have an open mind as some martial arts are linked to spirituality, philosophy or even religion. You would have to get rid of preconceptions, prejudices, and doubts for you to really experience the benefits of the classes you would be having.


4. Gear Up


Depending on which kind of martial art you choose to learn, you would need the right gear and equipment for you to protect yourself as well as the others. You have to have good martial arts gear to start. The fundamental things you need would be a uniform, mouthpiece, groin protector, speed bags and heavy bags, headgear and other body protection. You might also need some other things for certain classes like boxing gloves, staff or even a sword.


5. Learn Respect


In Martial arts, a master or sensei would be your instructor. He or she would be giving you commands and instructions that you need to follow. You have to learn how to respect them even if they are younger than you as they would be your guide in all your sessions. You would also need to respect the other students in class. Understand each and every person’s motivation and let it drive you to work harder.

Finally, martial art is not to be learned just because you want to show off. It is an art that is to be respected and understood deeply. It does not only teach you how to fight, but also lets you have discipline and control of your body and mind.


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