Hybrid bicycles have distinct characteristics. Learn the primary features of this bicycle and what makes it unique from the rest. 

Hybrid Bicycle Guide

Hybrid bikes are versatile. It fits any terrain and riding style, which could be the reason why you’re after this bicycle. But have you thought about what makes this bicycle different from conventional bicycles?

As its name tells you, a hybrid bicycle is a mash-up of the specific features of three different bicycles, namely mountain bikes, road bikes, and touring bikes. This unique characteristic of a hybrid bicycle gave its name ‘do-it-all bike’ and a ‘jack-of-all-trades.’ It also the reason why hybrid bikes quickly became a favorite among daily riders, hobbyists, and professionals.

Hybrid Bike Features and Components

If you are new to hybrid bikes, it is essential to familiarize yourself with their primary features and components. Although hybrid bikes are quite versatile, you also have to consider the type of terrain and riding style. Online sources like BikeVortex will show you that even other bicycle genres also have different aspects that buyers must consider. Use it as your basis to find the right hybrid bike for your needs.

Here are the different features of hybrid bicycles you need to check before buying.

#1 Check Wheel Size

The standard size of a hybrid bicycle is 700c. Meanwhile, other models have 26 inches wheels, which is comparatively small to the traditional wheel size.

Though wheel size is not the focus when it comes to picking out a hybrid bike, it is also important to let yourself familiarize yourself with this component.

#2 Gears

When talking about bicycle components, gears are always in the discussion. Consider the terrain you are tracking to choose the right bicycle with the correct number of gears. For instance, if you plan to take mountainous and rough terrains, a hybrid bike with more gears is a perfect choice. On the other hand, a fewer number of gears is sufficient for flat terrains and day-t0-day cycling.

# 3 Type of Brakes

Manufacturers use different types of brakes in their hybrid bicycles. The most common are rim brakes. It consists of pads that grip the wheel rims. Many manufacturers utilize this brake since it is economical and easy to replace. However, they gradually wear out the wheel rim. As a result, you’ll have to replace the wheel more often than usual. Also, it reduces the stopping power of the bike and less effective in muddy conditions.

Disc brakes feature brake pads that grip the brake rotor. This type of brake comes in two versions, namely, hydraulic and mechanical.

Hydraulic disc brakes offer stronger braking and less finger effort. Meanwhile, a mechanical disc brake requires manual adjustment when the pads wear off.

Most professional riders prefer disc brakes because of their consistency in braking and ability to brake in all conditions. The only downfall of this brake type is its cost and difficulty to replace.

#4 Bike Frame

Most hybrid bikes are composed of aluminum material. Meanwhile, other manufacturers use steel and carbon fiber in their hybrid bikes.

Aluminum is lightweight, tough, and affordable. However, it has fewer shock absorption compared to steel and carbon fiber, making it ideal only for flat terrains. On the other hand, steel is heavier and offers more strength. Carbon fiber is lighter than steel but also strong. Unfortunately, carbon fiber hybrid bikes are more expensive.


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