Is Nursing Your True Calling?

Is Nursing Your True Calling?

It can be very challenging if you decide to go to nursing school to become a nurse but it can also be very fun and rewarding. Being able to help others through their medical needs is a true blessing. There are a variety of different types of nurses out there that work in all areas of medicine. This will give you the opportunity to combine two of your passions into one amazing career. Here are two different possible options for your nursing career and what they both entail.

Labor and Delivery Nurse

Labor and delivery nurses are nurses that assist women during the process of childbirth. Labor and delivery nurses are very similar to perinatal nurses, only they just assist during labor verses seeing the woman during the entire pregnancy like perinatal nurses do. During a woman’s labor, the labor and delivery nurse monitors the fetal heart rate in order to determine if the baby is handling labor well. The nurse also monitors the woman’s blood pressure, temperature, strength and timing of contractions, and cervical dilation. The nurse can assist the woman in finding ways to help labor progress more quickly and comfortably. During the actual delivery, the labor and delivery nurse can help coach the woman with breathing exercises and pushing.

If complications arise during labor, the nurse alerts the attending physicians so that further interventions can occur, such as a caesarian delivery. The nurse also assists the physicians when epidurals or pain medications are administered, episiotomies are performed, or when the woman requires preparation for a caesarian delivery. The labor and delivery nurse must also be comfortable with starting IVs in order to administer fluids and the labor-stimulating drug Pitocin.

Licensed Practical Nurse

Becoming an LPN is not as difficult as you think. LPNs in all states perform nursing care such as medication administration, data collection on patients, monitoring for changes in condition, vital sign checks, wound care and dressing changes, specimen collection, urinary catheter insertion and care, care of patients with ventilators and tracheostomies, ostomy site care and maintenance, CPR, and finger stick blood sugar testing. Proper charting and documentation of nursing care is also the LPN’s responsibility.

In order to become an LPN you must attend four years of college and then obtain a degree or certificate as a licensed practical nurse in your state. You must follow the guidelines according to your state.


Both of these fields are great choices for people who love to help others and learn something new every day. While it can be challenging, it also comes with many rewards and blessings. Educate yourself on all aspects of your career choice so that you make sure you have found your dream job.

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