Hidden surveillance cameras have become the standard of home and office security. It heightens the sense of protection and safety of the premises. Moreover, installing cameras reduces the chances of foul play and inappropriate behavior since it deters malign individuals from committing such actions.

smoke detector hidden camera

Surveillance cameras vary in style, design, and features. The most popular type of cameras these days are a smoke detector hidden camera. Many buyers sought out such cameras because of its discreet design. When you use such a discreet device, people won’t know there is a surveillance system watching them.

One of the best-seller and well-known smoke detector hidden camera this year is by PalmVID, a spy camera ideal for both home and professional use. It has several remarkable features making it a smart investment for improving security.

What are the Features of PalmVID DVR Pro Smoke Detector Spy Camera?

#1 Build and Design

The camera mimics a smoke detector. It is not easily noticeable, unlike standard surveillance cameras in the market that has similar designs.

The device is compact and features a high-quality build. It has a tough exterior that can last up to several years.

#2 High Resolution   

High camera resolution is one of the factors you need to consider when buying a spy camera. Poor resolution records low-quality footages. On the other hand, high standard resolution captures clear and high-definition recordings.

The PalmVID DVR Spy Camera features an HDTV camera with an adjustable viewing angle of 72 degrees. You can also turn off the high-resolution mode of the camera into a standard option to reduce power consumption.

#3 Large Storage Capacity

You will need a large storage capacity when monitoring offices and business establishments. This option supports a 512 GB micro SD memory card. Hence, the device can store 300 hours of footage. Once the memory card is full, it will continue recording and deletes the old videos to accommodate the new ones.

#4 Power Options

The device utilizes both internal and external power sources. It has a battery operation feature with rechargeable batteries that has a lifespan of 3 months. You can also decide to use an external power supply by plugging the camera in an outlet.

#5 PIR Feature

PalmVID DVR smoke detector camera possesses a Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor. This technology allows the camera to detect motion. It begins recording when the sensor activates. This feature also reduces the device’s power usage and saves storage.

Are there any drawbacks?

Every product has its flaws, including this device. The PalmVID Pro spy camera has no night vision. Moreover, video playback is not available over Wi-Fi, and you can schedule video recording with this device.

Is it Worth the Money?

Considering the image quality, build, and storage capacity of the camera, it is a smart investment, especially for home use. If you are looking for a spy camera for a buys environment, it is best to choose one with massive storage capacity and night vision feature. You can check out alternatives to this spy camera here at this source.


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