Job Profile: Dog Groomer

Job Profile: Dog Groomer

If you like working with dogs you may consider working as a dog groomer. Dog groomers work with a wide variety of breeds of dogs, of all sizes, for instance small dogs such as Chihuahua’s up to large dogs such as St Bernard’s. The dogs you work with may have all sorts of different characteristics, they may be a hypoallergenic breed or may have certain traits such as being very playful or boisterous.

If you decide to work as a dog groomer it is worth researching different dog breeds and tips of how to deal with different dogs. Some dogs may love the experience of being pampered, but others may not be so keen. Often you will get regular clientele which makes it easier for you to know how to approach the animal, it is worth asking the owner for any tips on how their animal likes to be handled and if they have any particular dislikes, for example some dogs can be very scared of loud noises so might not like the noise of a hairdryer.

If you decide to go into business for yourself you will need to arm yourself with some tools of the trade. You will need some good quality nail clippers, a range of different grooming brushes, fur clippers and shears and a good supply of dog friendly products such as shampoo. You may want to invest in some overalls to protect your clothes, because one thing you can be sure of is a soaking from the dog when it does its customary shake following the shower or bath!

Different breeds of dogs will have different grooming requirements. The type of fur found on different dogs can vary vastly, and long haired varieties can be very time consuming to wash and brush. You need to make sure you have a safe secure environment in which to offer grooming services to pets and you may wish to consider insurance. Dog grooming services rely heavily on reputation, so it is important that you listen closely to what the dogs owner requires and ensure you have the correct skills to carry out any specific treatment.

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