Job Profile: Professional Dog Walker

Job Profile: Professional Dog Walker

If you like working outside and have a love for dogs then you may consider a career as a professional dog walker. This can be a rewarding, interesting career which provides an important service for your clients. You may end up walking dogs of all breeds and varieties, from the small, medium to very large size dogs.

As a professional dog walker you may work for an established organisation or you may work for yourself. If you decide to go into business for yourself it is worth checking out the competition from other dog walkers in your locality. This will give you an idea of the going price rate for the services you are hoping to offer and also highlight if there are any gaps in the market which you can hopefully fill.

Starting your own business takes commitment and organisation. it is important to keep a record of incoming and outgoing expenses for tax purposes and you may also require insurance or a licence. Working for yourself can be very liberating, but ultimately as with any business, what you put into it will reflect what you get out of it.

Advertising your services is crucial, most businesses start small, growing over time. word of mouth recommendations can make up a large percentage of your clientele, so it is important to be professional at all times and turn up to walk the dogs at exactly the time you have arranged.

Walking dogs is not just a summer venture, remember you will also be required to walk dogs through the cold winter months also. Invest in good footwear and hardwearing weather appropriate clothes. Get maps of your local areas so that you know all of the good walks for dogs in your locality. Decide whether you are going to take multiple dogs out on each walk, or provide a more personalised service.

Professional dog walkers is a field that is likely to rise, due to the growing population of elderly people who may no longer be able to take their own pet out on walks, and also to the rise in double income families who need someone to provide a dog walking service so that the dog is not left home alone all day. Reputation is key to building up your business.

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